New Gadgets

I still haven’t caught up from Thanksgiving. Hosting is great because it forces me to tidy and declutter. It also serves as an excuse to make random household acquisitions. Like Cute W’s favorite new kitchen item: this OXO fat separator. I have no idea why this makes his life so much easier because I pretty much … [Read more…]

Careful Consideration

Oh, man, these girls are good. The other day I came home and both J and M were hunched at a computer screen. Turns out that J was applying for a special STEM field trip for 7th grade girls. This was funny because a few years back, M went on this field trip, but she … [Read more…]

Credit Where It’s Due

J was named a “Super Student” at school. At her middle school, they name several kids as “Super Students” for each quarter. But they also don’t repeat this honor during the year. So it effectively becomes this sliding scale, right? The “Super Students” for 1st quarter are the super-fantastic, nerd-tastic elite super students. Then for … [Read more…]

Holiday Abundance

First, if you haven’t seen my list of 101 Ideas for Holiday Family Fun in the Capital District, you totally should take a look, because it’s an excellent resource, if I do say so myself. And also it is way more than 101 items. Really. You can count ’em. We are going to go get … [Read more…]

PSA: Women Are Not Into Surprise Nudity

There have been so many reports of super-gross men committing harassment and assault. I mean, it is crazy. The guys you sort of suspected might be creeps are actually way, way worse than you suspected, and some dudes who seemed like completely normal people are turning out to be creepers. No doubt most of this … [Read more…]

Central Park’s Updated Playground

On Friday we took a digestive-assisting walk with our 1st-grade cousin/nephew to Central Park. You may have heard that they recently pulled all of that super old-school metal equipment that’s been tucked under the trees across from Tiny Tot Land for years and years and years. Here’s the big structure that’s replaced it: Both of … [Read more…]

Thanksgiving 2017

That’s right! We survived hosting our third Thanksgiving dinner! It is fun and also exhausting. I’m so glad we’re doing it. Both M and J said to me separately that they love Thanksgiving, that they love it even more now that we host Thanksgiving dinner, and that since we’ve started hosting Thanksgiving, it’s their favorite … [Read more…]

J and I Declutter. M Loses and Wins.

So, first: the rest of our weekend was good. J and I ordered Thai food and watched Legally Blonde, which had aged better than many old “goofy classics” that I tell the girls that they should watch. J was a big fan of bruiser. J and I also did a massive amount of organizing around … [Read more…]

Early Morning Update

I’m typing this at 4:14 am. As you know, I am not a morning person, but I’m always thrown off without Cute W. Usually this happens on the other end of the evening. Without Cute W to go upstairs to bed or fall asleep on the sofa, I don’t notice how late it’s gotten and … [Read more…]

Homework Assignment

Earlier in the year, in the beginning-of-school tradition of giving parents homework, I was assigned to write a memory of J. This was tough because I already tell and re-tell all the best stories. This is what I came up with: Some of my fondest memories of you as a baby are from your very … [Read more…]