Household Hazards

It’s been a little hazardous around the house lately. First, remember how, when the kids were little, you’d have a Diaper Genie or some other hazardous materials receptacle for the diapers? I totally need something like that these days. I mentioned that M and Cute W have been doing a ton of soccer. And you’ve … [Read more…]

What’s Up These Days

I’ve signed up for GISHWES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen. I am not entirely convinced that this was a good idea. It’s a week-long goofy scavenger hunt. I decided to join up because I am trying to be a Fun Person. Sadly, I don’t think that truly fun people ever … [Read more…]

10 Days Away

Oh my God, you guys. I am ten days away from seeing my little J. Holy crap, this is absolutely the worst. Apparently, I was pretty anxious last year when J went to Smirkus Camp, because I wrote about retaining that parting image of our children. This year, it’s worse. After saying, repeatedly, that she’d … [Read more…]

Soccer Transition

Last post it was the evolution of my Mama summers. Now, it’s M’s soccer. As I’ve written before, I actually recorded M’s first kick of a soccer ball for the historic record (such a first-time parent thing to do, right? Zero record of J’s first athletic endeavors. Lucky there were no subsequent children, or I … [Read more…]

Different Kids, Different Summer

When I was young, it felt like every summer was pretty much the same. I spent a ton of time reading by the pool, diving off the diving board, and rambling around outside. These days, each summer feels pretty different because my kids evolve so much, so quickly. When my kids were babies or toddlers, … [Read more…]

Pussycat Mama

Like I started to say before, I’ve been increasingly indulgent lately. Cute W has long¬†teased that I’m a Pussycat Mama as opposed to a Tiger Mother, but lately I’m even more of a soft touch. I have less fear, these days, that I will entirely ruin my children by allowing them to get away with … [Read more…]

As It Turns Out, My Children Are Mostly Awesome

I am becoming an increasingly indulgent mother.¬† Suddenly, my daughters seem old. With their first years of high school and middle school over now, it feels like the end of their childhoods are hurtling toward me at break-neck speed. When they were toddlers and preschoolers, every decision, every parenting choice felt weighty and precedent-setting. There … [Read more…]

Nothing Goes to Waste

That last post on Summer Aspirations was excellent for me, personally, because it motivated me to poll the rest of the family and get started on our summer To Do list. There was unanimous and enthusiastic support for a Van’s/Music Man combo outing, a visit to the Schuyler Mansion, kayaking, and berry picking. Yesterday was … [Read more…]

Summer Aspirations

We’ve got the broad outlines of our summer schedule settled. Basically, J is overbooked for July and early August (gymnastics practice, a Young Women’s Engineering Institute, Volleyball Camp, and Circus Camp), then she’ll spend most of August just focused on gymnastics practice, which is plenty. M, meanwhile, is already gearing up for the school soccer … [Read more…]

Last Day in Paris

Friday was our last full day in Paris, and we hadn’t scheduled anything so that we could have a bit of flexibility. But there was one must-see that we hadn’t experienced, so we knew we had to go to Notre Dame. It was a beautiful day, and we started by picking up some quiches and … [Read more…]