Speaking of Impatience. . .

So I went to the dealer to get a car check-up for my Rogue today. We may or may not have a significant amount of driving in our future. Generally I don’t mind service too much. There is free wi-fi, and if your appointment is early enough you can nab your very own table. I … [Read more…]

Patience and Possible Pestilence

Today I made a really unbelievably passive-aggressive move. I had pulled out of my driveway to head to a grocery store and was immediately joined by a truck that came up on me fast and lodged itself into my buttocks. Metaphorically speaking. My house is a block and a half from the end of our … [Read more…]

Adventures in Electronics

I spend a lot of time not getting as much done as I’d hoped to get done. Sometimes the schedule gets thrown off-kilter by big piles of snow, for example. Or a sick kid. Or whatever. The latest was the other day when I was typing and suddenly my M key was stuck. What the … [Read more…]

Okay. One more errand.

I said that I was going to try to avoid running more errands the next day, and I mostly did. Except that I had an Emergency Errand. The kind of errand that makes me act like Starsky and Hutch, where I jump into the car and slap a light on the roof and start the … [Read more…]


I went on a quick trip to Target today and I used self check out for the one item I was buying. So, first, yes: I will accept your congratulations on being a woman who can walk into Target and purchase only the single item that she walked in to buy in the first place. … [Read more…]

First Volleyball Tournament

J had her first volleyball tournament on Sunday. She had fun. The team didn’t do particularly well in the tournament, but since it was the first time that they’d ever played together in any games, that was to be expected, I suppose. But the girls had some down time between games to hang around and … [Read more…]


Our family loves to ski, but with the girls’ schedules, getting out there to ski feels practically impossible. On a typical weekend, M has a track meet on Saturday and a soccer game on Sunday, while J has been going to a diving practice on Saturday and a volleyball practice on Sunday. So when we … [Read more…]

Girl Power 2018

The silver lining to having a pretty much crazy-pants situation is that some of these young people are freaking aware. I saw this Daily Show clip from Yara Shahidi, the actress who plays Zoey in Black-ish and Grown-ish, and I loved it. Yes, she still had the occasional teenager “like” and “um,” but she’s talking … [Read more…]


Oh, my gosh, you guys, I am an almost entirely functional, normal adult.  It’s so exciting! I feel like I’ve been out of commission for forever. But I’m no longer nursing a splitting headache, my phone is functional, and I’m getting all sorts of really basic things done, the kind of stuff that should not feel … [Read more…]