Get There While It Lasts

Okay, every single summer, I say to myself that this is the year that I’m going to catch the New York City ballet at SPAC, and every year the beginning of summer flies by and I realize that I’ve missed it again.  I don’t want that kind of heartache to befall you, gentle reader, so allow me to call your attention to the Albany Institute of History & Art’s Hudson River Panorama exhibition, which is closing on January 3rd.  It feels like it’s been there forever, and I still haven’t made it, but by golly I’m going to try.  I even have a free pass!   I figure that if I hit that one and make it to 1609 at the New York State Museum, I’ll be able to give a symposium on the Dutch exploration of North America, or at least make sure my kid’s learning fair display kicks all the other kids’ butts.  No, actually, I’m a history chick, so I love that stuff, and I’ve even walked through 1609, but I had my girls with me, so I was not able to devote the attention it so richly deserved.  I was being dragged to the subway car, again.

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