Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone’s enjoying Mother’s Day weekend. Mostly I’ve been puttering today, which is excellent. One project was to move some of the houseplants outside for the season and give them a little maintenance at the same time. Most of them manage to survive in an atmosphere of benign neglect. For example, here’s a plant that I finally got around to re-potting:


Anyway, I am feeling exceptionally fortunate this Mother’s Day. Last night I was out with friends, some of whom have little, still-wake-you-up-all-night kids, and we were laughing, hard, about how awful it can be when you’re sleep-deprived. Honestly, I’m glad to be done with that stage, and part of me wishes that my overwhelmed and pathetic new-mama self could have had a sneak peek at these daughters who are so funny and smart, and (the biggest and best surprise) who love each other so much.

They’ve been giggling and secretive, and today J asked, “Mommy, I’m just wondering, do you spell Mommy M-O-M-M-Y?”  This is the first year that both girls know how to write, and and I’m looking forward to excellent cards. I am hoping that J doesn’t keep asking how to spell everything, because that nutty phonetic spelling is just as charming as the baby talk that they’ve mostly left behind. I’ve also already reminded the family that I don’t want breakfast in bed, thank you. I’d prefer to sleep through breakfast if possible.

For your Mother’s Day pleasure, I have a link that I’ve been saving for months, to Steve McCurry’s beautiful photography blog. Seeing these pictures only makes me feel more fortunate. For those who are new to Capital District Fun who might have a little extra leisure time, you might enjoy last year’s Mother’s Day Weep-Fest Triple Threat.

I will probably post my weekly post as usual on Sunday night, but if I feel like being lazy, it might be late. Don’t worry: there’s usually not much going on on Mondays, anyway.

Enjoy the day!


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