Valentine’s Day Preparations

Valentine’s Day fever has hit our household. Both girls started working on their Valentine mail boxes today. At our school, kids are supposed to make these at home and bring them in along with valentines for each child in their class.

The paper was flying. We had some American Girl products that I’d bought when they were 40% off, and they’ve been super fun for crafting. First, there’s a huge pad of scrapbook-style paper , which the girls have been using for pretty much everything but scrapbooking.  I’m even more enthusiastic about the American Girl Paper Posies Pad, which has punch-out flowers and other shapes with small adhesives that allow crafters to stack stickers for artistic effect.  They recommend it for ages 8 and up, but I think most 6-year-olds would be able to remove the slightly delicate shapes from the paper. But my favorite part is that some of the punch-outs have little messages, and they’re all so lovely and affirming, like “Challenge yourself. . . Stand tall. . . Grow. . . Change your world. . . I can do anything. . . Dare to be different. . . Friendship matters. . . Be kind.” Today I couldn’t restrain myself: I made a little flower with “Be Brave” in the middle.

Anyway, here are the creations:

J's Valentine Flower Box

There was minor drama concerning J poaching some of M’s origami paper from an origami kit we got her Christmas 2010. I would have been more sympathetic if I’d witnessed M making a single origami item, like, ever. And she got another kit as a gift since then. Luckily, J craved a gorgeous piece of silver foil paper, and I happened to have an entire roll of gorgeous silver foil. It was nestled safely between waxed paper and plastic wrap in a drawer in my kitchen. If you’re wondering exactly where this appears in the final creation, well, frankly? I am, too. Sort of doesn’t seem like it was worth sobbing over.

M's Castle of Valentines

M was quite pleased with her box. J loved it, too. J asked M, very persistently, which box she liked better. M struggled valiantly to be both honest and kind. It was heartwarming to behold. She said something about how they were both really gorgeous, but of course she was emotionally attached to her box because of the time she’d spent planning and executing the project. So she liked hers better, but not because it was superior, just because it was hers. “And if I were you, I’d probably like yours better,” she concluded, clearly relieved to have navigated the treacherous terrain.

Sweet J turned to new project. What about Isis the Cat? Surely Isis needs valentines? She added some decorations to a miniature basket for her, then wrote out a very small valentine. “Don’t you want to make Isis a valentine, too, Mommy?”

Valentines for Isis

Of course I did.

I’m pretty sure that we’re going to the store to buy some valentines tomorrow. I think we’re all crafted out.


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