J’s Perspective

We were playing outside today, and I took a bunch of pictures of the girls. You know that I’ve got a long-standing tradition of avoiding current photos of the girls’ faces, but here’s a cute one of J:

J doing a handstand

J asked for a turn with the camera. I’ve done a post on photos from her perspective before, but I couldn’t resist another one. Starting with this one of her shadow:

Here are some of the first flowers around our house:

Look! An artistic shot. Seriously, I think it’s almost time for her own 365 project.

And the artist returns to the swing motif . . .

Okay, this is my favorite, a composed still-life:

She’s got a bunch of photos going up into the sky, but this is my favorite.

More spring.

And a pathway.


I was choosing among the photos and thought, “Maybe the girls need a blog! M can write and J can take photos.” This is probably a bad idea, but I might have to mention it. So far they’ve been unreceptive to Cute W’s idea, which is to produce a neighborhood newspaper to distribute on Niska-Day. He thinks that they should make money off ad space. Much more lucrative, he says, than their idea of selling mini-donuts. “Sounds like a lot of work,” I groaned, because I am not a sales girl. “Like you’re not going to have to work if they decide to open a donut stand?” Yeah, good point.


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