Another Recipe Fail Prompts Me To Establish A Convoluted Rating System That Doesn’t Exist But Should

The other day Cute W messaged me with a link to a recipe. They were cookies that looked decadent, labor-intensive, and utterly delicious. I don’t know why he sends me these things. Seriously, I already make plenty of unhealthful yummy foods that I love to eat, and I don’t need to acquire more unbelievably tasty … [Read more…]

Johnny’s in Schenectady

We had a late soccer game on a recent Saturday, so we decided to go lazy and pick up some take-out. Cute W wanted to try out Johnny’s in downtown Schenectady, conveniently located between the soccer field and our house. The food was ready and waiting at the bar when I ran in, thinking I … [Read more…]

Corn Husk Dolls

School was a half-day today, so even though one kid spent hours at a friend’s house and the other spent hours at gymnastics, we managed to fit in a little crafting. I’d had corn husks in a cabinet forever from sometime when they were on sale. You can use actual greenish corn husks off of, … [Read more…]

Just What’s Up At Our House

How’s everyone coping with the end of Daylight Savings Time? It was still dark and the wee hours of the morning when J woke up, got dressed, and hustled downstairs to get ready for school before she was sent back upstairs to sleep some more. This happened twice. After the second time, J groused, “I … [Read more…]

Fun With Us Four

We had a typically busy Saturday with gymnastics and soccer followed by a late lunch out, but it seemed somehow more excellent than usual. Before and after M’s soccer game there were games with kids and parents we know, so it was social. And beyond that, my little family is just funny. I started to … [Read more…]