Detox Dips #4

Wow, that’s some serious snow.  The girls were doing all of their bring-on-a-snow-day superstitions, which seemed a little. . . unnecessary. But we’ll see. I think that this is my last Detox Dip, and it’s Black Bean and Corn Dip. This is a variation of my sister’s recipe, although I don’t know where she came … [Read more…]

Detox Dips #3

Today’s dip is a Curried Eggplant Dip. It’s loosely based on this recipe. I bet it’s delicious. But I’m lazy, and I didn’t have the ingredients. But my improvisation turned out pretty well. I’m not a fan of eggplant. Generally I think that it’s too boring and spongy-textured. In fact, I tried another eggplant recipe … [Read more…]

Detox Dips #2

I’ve got another dip for you! This one’s called Lime-Spiked Black Bean Dip, and it’s a Cooking Light recipe.  The first time I made this dip, I thought it was delicious. And then I forgot about it. Because, when I looked at the recipe, I’d think to myself, “That must have been something that was … [Read more…]

Detox Dips #1

After spending several posts in December tempting you with cheese, chocolate, and butter, I figured that we’re all due for a bit of a detox. First, a disclaimer: I am in no way an authority on the detox issue. I don’t have the self-discipline for a cleanse. Last year I did manage one week of … [Read more…]

Links Worth Sharing

Here are some links I’ve shared in the past. Katie’s Local Fun Links KidsOutAndAbout: I’m editor at this site. Readers can find activities. Anyone can post activities that are family-friendly and open to the public, and posting is free. Sign up here for the weekly KidsOutAndAbout newsletter! It’s packed with information as well as giveaways, … [Read more…]

Lazy Links As I Recover From the Holiday

How’s everybody doing? This morning I ran into several moms I know, and while we watched our girls get their asses handed to them during a soccer tournament (they played well, but it’s a tough division), a repeating refrain was, “Yeah, Christmas was great, but I’m glad it’s over.” I wouldn’t go quite that far … [Read more…]

Toxic Dip!

I know that I’ve been offering up detox dips, but in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, I thought I’d share our favorite party dip, from my friend J. It is toxic, health-wise, but supremely delicious. Buffalo Chicken Dip Ingredients: 1 package cream cheese (we usually get the 1/3 less fat stuff) 1.5 lbs. chicken … [Read more…]


Earlier last week, I was working with a list of requested recipes: our kale salad, black bean and corn dip, and a chocolate chia breakfast cake. I was stocking up the fridge with plenty of fresh fruit. And don’t forget the frozen fruit, along with Trader Joe’s treats. Some of my daughters’ most ardent expressions … [Read more…]

Round-Up of Recipes I’ve Posted

Breakfast Overindulgent Breakfast Carbs: Cinnamon Rolls & Banana Bread Yummy Mini Donuts Yummy Mini Donuts, the Sequel Snacks Roasted Chickpeas Corn & Blackbean Dip Curried Eggplant Dip Lime-Spiked Black Bean Dip Out West Bean Dip Fresh Salsa Cheeseball Spicy Cheese Sticks Homemade Pickles Fruit Smoothies Buffalo Chicken Dip Salads Kale Salad and Grilled Coconut Kale … [Read more…]

Happy Election Day!

We’re headed to an Election Night Party, where my children will absolutely stay up way too late for a school night. But presidential elections only come around once every four years, right? Anyway, I’m making my Buffalo Chicken Dip and my Black Bean and Corn Dip. Also, I printed out a map of the United … [Read more…]