Halloween Treats: Pumpkin Cheeseball

I think that this concludes the festive string of posts celebrating J’s birthday. This yummy pumpkin cheeseball could work for a grown-up party, too. We got the idea for it from the Southern Living Kids Cookbook, but J wanted to go with our much-loved family recipe for cheeseball. And then I decided that if there … [Read more…]

High Drama

Yikes. Our afternoon of intense drama included two emotional meltdowns (1 per daughter), a frenzy of last-minute project-making, an urgent trip to run an errand in which I forgot to bring my wallet, rain on my clothesline, a chipmunk loose in the living room, a last art class, a missed last art class (due to … [Read more…]

Possible Career Directions

We created the Best Pretend Game Ever this afternoon. It’s called “Spa.” Two people flop out on a big bed while a third person alternates between walking on their bed and giving a full body massage. Then the massage-ees flop over and get more massaging. Then everyone rotates once. What’s wonderful is that my kids … [Read more…]

Detox Dips #1

After spending several posts in December tempting you with cheese, chocolate, and butter, I figured that we’re all due for a bit of a detox. First, a disclaimer: I am in no way an authority on the detox issue. I don’t have the self-discipline for a cleanse. Last year I did manage one week of … [Read more…]