Last Day in Paris

Friday was our last full day in Paris, and we hadn’t scheduled anything so that we could have a bit of flexibility. But there was one must-see that we hadn’t experienced, so we knew we had to go to Notre Dame. It was a beautiful day, and we started by picking up some quiches and … [Read more…]

More Paris! We Climb Some Stairs on Monday

Once again I received a delightful room service breakfast courtesy of Cute W, who went out extra-early with J to locate coffee, quiche, and pastries while M and I slept in. Monday was cloudy with intermittent rain as we started walking up the Champs-Elysées, so we’d duck into a covered arcade whenever it rained bit … [Read more…]

Planning A Trip to Paris

The thing about traveling on a big vacation is to do enough planning ahead so that you’ve got a little structure and don’t miss the Coolest Stuff but leave yourself flexibility and enough playtime so that it doesn’t become a Death March. So I looked for tour places that had excellent reviews and contacted them … [Read more…]

Easter Sunday in Paris

Our first full day in Paris was Easter Sunday, a holiday that we basically skipped celebrating for our vacation. We are not ever the most pious folks, and though we visited several churches throughout the week, we attended no services. I also warned the girls that the Easter Bunny had advised us that international basket … [Read more…]

Saturday: Wandering Paris

Even though it’s taken me forever to get to this, I promise that I haven’t been slacking off. Really. I’ve written three articles for You can find them here: Eight Reasons Why Paris is Awesome for Kids Review of Blue Fox Travel Tours in Paris Review of Paris Charms & Secrets Tour As I … [Read more…]

Off to Paris!

We had our passports and our goal was to go anywhere in Europe that was a good deal. Actually, my first preference was Spain. The girls are both taking Spanish in school,  and I’m the only person who speaks French, which felt like some pressure, especially since I’ve barely spoken it for 20-something years. We … [Read more…]


We took a weekend trip to Philadelphia! For the last two years we’ve had magnificent spring breaks in France and Spain. This year, M’s enjoying a two-week vacation-and-exchange-trip to Spain with her school, and the rest of us. . . had no particular plan at all. So we decided that we needed some sort of … [Read more…]


Our sweet M is exploring Spain! From what I can tell, she seems to be having a wonderful time and thoroughly exhausting herself. We’ve received several lovely photos of her smiling with her friends, and I continue to be fiendishly jealous, especially since I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe with high school friends, … [Read more…]

Remember Me?

It’s my birthday. I am 48. I believe that means that now I can describe myself accurately as “pushing 50,” but it feels like with so many attractive and bad ass women out there (movie stars, politicians, sisters. . .) who have moved beyond 50, that phrase has sort of lost its teeth. I meant … [Read more…]

Rebound Cat

First, the excellent news. Not only did M make varsity soccer, as expected, but J made the JV volleyball team, which was a big surprise. She was super, super excited. Both girls have their first scrimmages this Wednesday and approximately a million practices before then. You probably remember that we lost our beloved cat at … [Read more…]