Snowy McSnow Day

Jeepers. That’s plenty of snow. The good news? We finally have decent packing snow suitable for snow people and snow balls. It’s about time! Also, remember how I said that Collins was a little iced over for sledding? Ta da! Problem solved! Of course, the bad news is that there’s a lot of snow clearing. … [Read more…]

Collins Day o’ Fun

What a beautiful day! We spent tons of time outside, most of it at Collins Park. In fact, M got a sunburn. Because I’m a bad mother who didn’t put sunscreen on her child. Well, really, who would’ve guessed that the girls would spend, like, 4 or 5 hours outdoors? After Collins I was sure … [Read more…]

February Break

Before it starts February break always seems like a long stretch, and now I already feel like it’s going to fly by. . . am I nutty, or does anyone else feel like that? Today was sort of our “business” day, because we had two classes from our usual routine that were scheduled for the … [Read more…]

Another Snow Day

Did everybody survive? My nutty children were outside playing in the snow by 6:20 am. It wasn’t even quite daybreak. They completely don’t understand the whole sleeping-in concept. Which is terrible, because it’s something that I really support and feel strongly about. But they got along pretty well all day, with J even refusing a … [Read more…]

Snow Day

How was everybody’s snow day? Yeah, mine pretty much sucked. Part of the problem was that yesterday was a half day for M, which in my school district means she was home around 10:45 am. Before that I’d been helping with a program at school from 8:45-10 am, so my day yesterday was basically shot, … [Read more…]

Snowed In

We stayed in Vermont all day today because there was just Too. Much. Snow. to try to go home. Here’s what I did instead of ever leaving the house: Played a marathon game of Loaded Questions Retold and heard stories of the courtship of the various family couples With my sister, gave every girl aged … [Read more…]


Here’s a page on Christmas Fun in the Capital District. We live in the Capital District, people. It’s Upstate New York. Your choices from December through March are: 1) become increasingly miserable or 2) embrace winter. Let’s embrace winter, shall we? Come on! There’s plenty of fun to go around. My Embrace Winter  article is … [Read more…]

Snow, Glorious Snow!

Sure I was grousing about the snow, but when I went outside this morning, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit giddy.  The giddiness subsided a bit over the next hour and a half of clearing driveways and sidewalks, but still:  this is a quality snowfall.  Perfect packing for snowpeople and snowballs, enough for … [Read more…]


We went to Thacher Nature Center‘s annual Snow Day for the first time ever.   It was absolutely worth the drive–they were all about packing in the fun. First, we went on a whopping 1-mile snow shoe hike in which the average kid age was probably 6.  All of the grown-ups were discussing the value of … [Read more…]