Rage Shopping

It is my fondest wish to have a single store that contains every grocery item that I could possibly want, so I’d only ever have to go to one place. Among my local choices, I wish it were Hannaford. I like it there. The people are lovely, the aisles are wide. Alas. One of Hannaford’s … [Read more…]

Scaring My Kid Straight

One thing that happens at school is that, beyond reading and math, kids let to learn about all the terrible things that they shouldn’t do, like smoke, drink, take drugs, or play with matches. Fire safety was one of the first big messages for the kids.

Another Recipe Fail Prompts Me To Establish A Convoluted Rating System That Doesn’t Exist But Should

The other day Cute W messaged me with a link to a recipe. They were cookies that looked decadent, labor-intensive, and utterly delicious. I don’t know why he sends me these things. Seriously, I already make plenty of unhealthful yummy foods that I love to eat, and I don’t need to acquire more unbelievably tasty … [Read more…]

Breaking Bread

Over the weekend at church, we had our annual Thanksgiving service, one of my favorites of the year. Several members of the congregation bring bread: a great-grandmother’s recipe, the new recipe that the 4-year-old always requests, the gluten-free vegan recipe, or the bread they always pick up at Perreca‘s because nobody bakes at home. On … [Read more…]

Produce for Kids/Price Chopper Giveaway!

I’ve said before that I’m always trying to get kids to eat healthfully, and I’ve even shared my tips on how to get kids to eat vegetables. You’ve also heard me say that I’m cheap. So when someone from Produce for Kids® asked if we might want to do a giveway, I said, “Heck, yeah!” … [Read more…]

Recovery Mode

My last post was before M’s big singing performance, and it went very well, thank you. Her singing was lovely and she was happy with it. It appears that this evil bug has passed by the adults of our household. Meanwhile, I dropped some balls in the course of nursing sick children and fretting about … [Read more…]

Kids Out and About

We’re having a slightly stressful movie night. Cute W remembered Time Bandits with great fondness, but J is finding it rather terrifying. Also, a lot of casual death. Of course, I can’t be one to cast stones, since I’d recommended the original Cheaper By the Dozen forgetting about a significant death at the end. That … [Read more…]

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Sunday was Cute W’s birthday, and we ended up having an impromptu lunch party at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy. We’d visited the one in Rochester, but this was my first time here in Troy. Yes, I know: I try all these vegetarian and vegan recipes (like here and here), but the truth is, I love … [Read more…]