Cleaning Up From Halloween

I am gathering up our Halloween things, and among all the school project crafts that I’ve saved for decor, one of my favorites is M’s drawing of a mean witch. I love that it’s something that she did on her own, taping together standard paper so that her medium could contain her vision. I love … [Read more…]

Sunday Afternoon

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and M is doing endless homework while J is going after her pumpkin with a power drill. Cute W is trying to figure out what’s wrong with his car, and I just wasted a great deal of time trying to share volleyball photos for the poor soul who’s putting … [Read more…]

Some Sweets

So, we’ve indulged a bit lately. First, J requested a special trip to 21 Below Rolling Ice Cream at Galleria 7 in Latham (which we’ve visited before). The schtick here is that they pour out liquid ice cream and it freezes before your eyes while the ice cream folks do their stuff. You can go … [Read more…]

End of Soccer Season

I missed the best parts of M’s last soccer game of the school season. It was a busy day all day, really. Cute W stayed home from work so that we could have a date for my “birthday eve.” A month or so ago we bought a pair of season tickets for the Broadway series … [Read more…]

Busy Week

It was a busy week: two soccer games, Meet the Board Candidates Meeting, two Back-to-School Nights, WGGS meeting and WGGS fundraiser, two ESL tutoring sessions, a blood donation appointment, M to pasta party (so food to bring), J birthday party (so gift to buy), high school homecoming (with emergency dress-shopping at mall), and hosting J’s … [Read more…]

Even MORE Try-Outs

In my last volleyball update I mentioned that J wants to do club volleyball. We asked around and decided to try Northeast Thunder Volleyball Club. Every volleyball parent we asked said it has a good reputation, the parents we knew who’d been involved with the club all recommended it, and practices are often pretty close, … [Read more…]

Busy Days

After my last post in which I was fretting about the world in general, someone suggested wine and someone else suggested pizza. As it happened, I complied with both rather quickly, so of course I had to document it: As it happened, this followed more the letter of the recommendations rather than the spirit of … [Read more…]

Choosing A Focus

One hazard of this year’s fall sports season is that many of the girls’ games occur simultaneously. Plus, the school districts are coordinated, which accentuates the so-near-and-yet-so-far nature of these games. Yesterday, for example, I schleped all the way to East Greenbush to watch J in her volleyball game at a middle school while M … [Read more…]

M and the Adaptive Programs at the High School

I mentioned a while back that M was doing Unified Basketball at school, but then I realized I hadn’t ever talked about how many different things she’s done that are adaptive/unified since high school started. Back when M was in middle school, I kept trying to get her to do things. Student council? Nope. W.E.B. … [Read more…]