Birthday Fun

Last you heard, we were preparing to celebrate M’s birthday, which was Monday before last. That Monday, M slept in and then she and I headed to the Clifton Park DMV with the paperwork and documentation she’d need for her learner’s permit. I had heard from other mothers that the Clifton Park DMV is much … [Read more…]

Sweet Sixteen

Monday was M’s birthday. I started writing this on her birthday. Since she and Cute W arrived home well past midnight last night after winning another soccer tournament, she opted to sleep in this morning, meaning that the trip to the DMV is looming. Meanwhile, we’re well-prepared for the rest of the day. First: presents. … [Read more…]

Festive, Sunny Saturday

Did everyone enjoy today? It was not only sunny and beautiful–the temperature was appropriate! Not creepily warm in January or super-chilly for June. The family was split up for the day, with Cute W and M headed way down south into Jersey for a soccer tournament and J and I hanging out here at home. … [Read more…]


Ah, sweet J! She continues to be very enthusiastic about volleyball. She’s been practicing out in our driveway. Sometimes I am enlisted to help, throwing the ball way up in the air or calling out a direction for her to send a pass just before she hits it (Trash can! Chair! and so on). J’s … [Read more…]

In Which I Complain About Drivers.

If you don’t live at our house, then you haven’t been getting the day-by-day updates that we’ve been getting, so you likely don’t realize that we’re ten–count ’em!!–just ten days away from M acquiring her learner’s permit. She is beyond excited. She predicts that she will be an excellent driver. Along the way, I have … [Read more…]

The Alma Mater

Well, as you know, we had a pretty crappy weekend recently, and luckily for us, the next weekend offered plenty of distractions. Cute W’s parents came into town for a visit just in time to see J’s last chorus concert of the year, and then the next morning Cute W and I headed out of … [Read more…]

A Tale of Two Cities

There were many good things that happened over the weekend. You’ll remember that we split up, right? M and I headed to the Boston area, while Cute W and J stayed home. Cute W and J went to see Solo and they liked it, I think more than they had expected to like it. They … [Read more…]

Niska-Day Weekend & More

It is cold and rainy today, but not as rainy as it was for Niska-Day. Jeepers. What a bust. I had invited my sister and our 7-year-old nephew for one of our very favorite holidays, so I was particularly disappointed with how soaking wet the day was. We all headed out into the rain to … [Read more…]


I mentioned DIY hair in the last post, so here’s more on that. The good news is, M’s hair is lovely without any styling: The bad news is that in the grand tradition of All Girls Everywhere Always, she wanted exactly the opposite of what she had, meaning curly hair instead of straight hair. Well. … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day-Prom Weekend

My eyes popped open at 3:24 am. According to the official prom schedule, the post-prom party at Via Entertainment was ending at 3:30 am, so it seemed likely M would arrive home any time. She had no post-post-parties planned: her limo crew seemed a little too wholesome for truly extended partying. M, for one, is … [Read more…]