Free Summer Events Preview #4

More free summer stuff! But first, as a public service announcement, I’m issuing a parental advisory. Moms, you must not, under any circumstances, take speaking children with you into the dressing room when trying on swimsuits.  I know:  it’s such an unpleasant task anyway that it’s tough to use precious “me time” for this. However, … [Read more…]

This Weekend–now with updates!

I’m crabby.  The girls are harmoniously playing a game in which their doll named Kelly (acted out by M, and not to be confused with Barbie’s younger sister) is whining, complaining, and abusing the adorable kitten played by J.  Even though it’s pretend, the whining & complaining is so realistic that it is actually just … [Read more…]

More Miscellaneous Fun

I missed an event–Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake has an early Flag Day Parade on Thursday the 10th (that’s tomorrow or today if you’re a regular reader) at 7 pm.  Thanks to Malta Mama–check her out for more info. Back when I did the Summer Camp post, I said that I wasn’t linking to the various municipalities. … [Read more…]

Our Saturday

W took J to her last dance class–incidentally, she’s had very few bug bites lately.   Meanwhile M and I rode bikes for a while.  Later, we girls went to the Niskayuna Art Fair because one of our dog friends was in the dog show.   As soon as they stepped out, I knew that Daisy was … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend

Sure, the conventional choice for a Memorial Day Weekend post might be an American flag, but instead I took a picture of what’s in front of me:  Isis the cat.  Lookin’ for some love while her human just wants to  finish the blog post.  It’s a little irritating, but not as irritating as sneaking rodents … [Read more…]

Memorial Day

Phew!  Hot enough for ya?  We’re officially beginning the pool opening countdown.  If anybody’s got recommendations for their favorite water spots–parks or pools or streams, anywhere where the kids can get wet–I’d love to hear about them. Especially places that happen to be available at this very moment. Meanwhile, back to business. So, looking around … [Read more…]

The Longest Day of the Year

That’s what my neighbor Mary calls Niska-Day.  The kids (all four of them, because of our sleepover guests) were up super-early, then there was parading, candy catching, biking to the festivities, general frolicking, playground-playing, biking back, hitting the neighborhood party, and in just over an hour there are fireworks.  J begged to go to the … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Weekend

Once again, plenty to do for kids and families in the beautiful, sunshiny, tulip-strewn Capital District! Here’s the weekend list, but as always, you can also check the Big Ol’ List for regularly scheduled events.  Headed outside?  Don’t forget that the farmers’ markets are all outside now; or take a hike or visit a playground … [Read more…]


I have both girls home sick with me (strep and ear infection), which has completely thrown me off.  M is pathetic and deeply angry.  She didn’t want to go to the doctor, said she was fine, stamped out to the car, and then when I was (in my opinion) vindicated by a treatable diagnosis, she … [Read more…]

Playground Power!

Okay, I was procrastinating about this playground list because, really, this weather doesn’t put me in a playground mood anyway. But when I read the Gazette this morning I realized that I had to do another playground post because this WaterPowerPeace project has got to be just about the coolest thing ever. Basically, it’s about … [Read more…]