Albany St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Fiddler on the Roof, Alice in Wonderland, Maple Sugaring, and More This Weekend

Hey! It’s a busy weekend coming up. We’ve got the Learning Fair at our school on Friday and lots of family coming to our house on Saturday. Remember, these days, this post is just a summary of what’s going on.¬† Check here for the email newsletter. I write part of it, and there are … [Read more…]

Blue Skies

A quick update since things were bleak last night: The allergist made me feel much better. Very common hives that I can prevent with some preemptive antihistamine use. We may not figure out the exact trigger, but it’s likely they’ll just disappear within the next few weeks. Gorgeous day, yes? Debra and June from KidsOutAndAbout.sent … [Read more…]

This Week

It’s been a crazy-busy weekend. I spent all day yesterday at the Hannaford Kidz Expo. In fact, you can check out the Facebook Page for a picture of me and Debra Ross! We had SO much fun, and the very best part was meeting readers and folks I’ve known only through comments and emails. … [Read more…]

Snow Day! Plus This Weekend

Yesterday I spent the morning in a frenzy of gathering leaves, running plastic play dishes through the dishwasher, and scrubbing down everything in the general vicinity of the playhouse to try to rid ourselves of whatever’s bugging J. Just as I finished up, the snow started swirling. When the girls arrived from school, they put … [Read more…]

Lazy Links

I’ve been busy, and now I’m ready for bed. So here’s a collection of links that I’ve been stockpiling for a lazy posting day. Here’s an article from The New York Times called Effort to Restore Children’s Play Gains Momentum. Here’s a list of Ten Great Science Fiction Books for Girls. You can get free … [Read more…]

This Week

We’ve got Cute W’s parents visiting, and our schedule is packed with the normal activities that have become events because Grandma & Grandpa aren’t usually here. They both went along to J’s piano lesson this afternoon, so it was like a mini-recital. It’s conceivable that 2 to 4 of us will descend on the library … [Read more…]

Snip-its Giveaway!

You might have already heard that there’s a new Snip-its opening in Guilderland.¬†Snip-its offers haircuts, spa services, and birthday parties for little ones. They’re celebrating a grand opening this weekend with plenty of fun planned, and as part of the celebration, they’re offering a giveaway to Capital District Fun readers!   The winning Capital District … [Read more…]