You Know, Just Like, 30 or 40 Things for You to Choose From This Weekend

Hey!  I’m having a splendid day!  Check out this weather, you guys!  Awesome!

I woke up and noticed that my five-year-old had once again made her own bed and tidied up her room.  Then I walked downstairs to find the two girls cuddling and giggling together on the couch.  And then I laughed out loud when I saw how W was preparing for our nursery school’s Silent Auction.   When I was packing lunch, M decided that she’d rather have two carrots instead of Easter candy for the last compartment in her lunch box.  Driving J to school, I spotted a nice, sturdy table at a yard sale, perfect for my screened porch area, and on the way home I nabbed that baby for $5!  Yes! I was going to show you a picture of the newly adorable-ized porch, but it really needs flowers in the window first, so we’ll get to that later.  Then I took a run without getting lost and went 5K.  So, I’m ready to go!  And then, I discovered a way to enjoy a new vegetable which almost rivaled my Roasted Cauliflower Revelation.  I mean, this is like the Day of Awesome.

Pickled Daikons & Carrots

Except, that I am shivering and starving at this moment, because I wanted to get this post done so that I could have a relaxing and enjoyable lunch.  So, as soon as I click publish, it’s right back to Awesome.  Okay, are you ready?

All Weekend

  • Don’t forget that the Riverway Storytelling Festival continues through the weekend.  There are plenty of opportunities to hear some great stories at a variety of different locations.  Click the link for the schedule–it’s all free.
  • New York State Theatre Institute is still showing Orphan Train.
  • Washington County has its annual Farm & Fiber Tour.  There are a variety of locations, so check the link for details.

Friday, April 23rd

  • There’s another Wild, Wacky Woodcock Watch at 6:30 pm at the Albany Pine Bush.  Pre-registration required, and it’s $2/person, $5/person.
  • Do a Spring Peeper (frogs)  Survey at Five Rivers at 7 pm.  Bring a flashlight and wear your galoshes!
  • They’re showing The Princess and the Frog at Schuylerville Public Library at 7 pm.

Saturday, April 24th

  • Downtown Troy has an Earth Day Clean Up.  Folks are meeting at 8:30 am at the municipal parking lot on 1st Street between State & Broadway.
  • Take a Woods Walk with children’s activities at Dyken Pond from 8:30 am to noon.  $15 fee to support the programs.  Or volunteer to help clear the trails between 1:30 and 4 pm.
  • Or take a Spring Overlook Hike at Moreau Lake State Park at 9 am.  Short but sometimes steep hike.  Call for details.
  • At Thacher Nature Center at 10 am, they’ll have two short films, a craft, and a snack suitable for ages 8 and up. Please pre-register, and it’s $3/person.
  • There’s a Mardi Gras Festival from 11 am to 4 pm in Saratoga.  There’s a parade at noon, a street fair, and plenty of food, including Cajun food from the folks who will be opening   Cafe Nola in the next month or so on lower Union Street in Schenectady.
  • The New York State Museum’s celebrating Earth Day from 11 am to 4 pm, plus it’s Creative Art Day from 1-3 pm.  Free.
  • Learn about cryptology at Crypto-Clue Finders at the Troy Public Library at 11 am.  For ages 8 and up.
  • The Saratoga Springs Barnes & Noble has a storytime devoted to Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire at 11 am.
  • Take Time Out for Tales at the Bethlehem Public Library at 11 am.  For preschoolers and family.
  • There’s a Guided Kayak Trip at Moreau Lake.  It’s from 1-3 pm.  BYOB or rent a kayak for $15.  Call to pre-register.
  • Learn about Turtles at the Albany Pine Bush at 1 pm.  Pre-register.  It’s $2/person, $5/family.
  • It’s Astronomy Day from 1-4 pm at the Schenectady Museum.  $4 + admission.
  • There’s a Family History Hunt at Historic Cherry Hill at 1 pm.  $2/adult, $1/child aged 6-11.  Okay, can I say, I just went for more information on their Facebook page, and they’re having a fabulous time there?  They have a Curatorial Curiosities Series–they post pictures of various doo-hickeys from the collection and people try to guess what they are.
  • Wilton Wildlife Preserve is hosting a free Earth Field Day from 1-4 pm.  Compare your talents and abilities to those of local wildlife.
  • The Albany Institute of History & Art has Art for All from 1-4 pm.  Free with museum admission.
  • They’re having an Earth Day Festival from 1-4 pm at Five Rivers.
  • At 2 pm, there’s a lecture about Clothing through the Dutch and then English colonial periods at Crailo State Historic Site in Rensselaer.  Free.
  • Park Playhouse Kidz presents Cupcakes and Cabaret, favorite Disney songs performed by 10- to 13-year-old kids at 4:30 pm at the Delmar Reformed Church  It’s $4/adult, $2/kid, pre-order tickets via email:
  • is putting on United4Thacher in support of Thacher Park at Proctors.  Kids activities include clowns, puppets, face painting, and more.Free entry, but of course you’ll want to donate to the cause.
  • Smuckers Stars on Ice is at the Times Union Center at 7:30 pm.

Sunday, April 25th

  • Downtown Albany Restaurant Week begins today.
  • The Baby Expo is at The Desmond Hotel today from 11 am to 4 pm.
  • It’s Doggie Earth Day at Saratoga Spa State Park.  Bring your dog along to a park clean up from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • There’s the 2nd Annual Clearwater Fundraiser from noon to 7 pm at 28 Stone House Hill Road in Coeymans, NY.   There will be barn dancing from 1-2:30 pm, barbecue for dinner, music jams, and a silent auction.  There’s no cover for this event, but of course you’d want to donate.  It’s being advertised as child-friendly.  I couldn’t find a good link for further info. on the event, but I’ve got it in my email if anyone wants more details.
  • The Albany Institute of History & Art has a special Art for All from 1-4 pm.  It’s an Iroquois Beadworking Workshop. Free with museum admission.
  • If you still haven’t managed to Discover it yet, go to the Albany Pine Bush at 1 pm.  Pre-register.  It’s $2/person, $5/family.
  • Schenectady Theater for Children presents The Mermaid of Edam at Stillwater Community Center at 2 pm.  Neither organization lists it on their website, but I swear I’ve seen it listed in muliple places!
  • At the National Museum of Dance’s School, there’s a New York City Ballet audition for girls 8 to 13.
  • There’s a classical concert at Schuyler Mansion at 3 pm.  It’s $25/adult, $15/student.
  • From 5-7 pm at Proctors, there’s dinner and a music program put together by the Empty Bowls Project of Schenectady.  This is a fundraiser to alleviate hunger, and it’s $20/person at the door or $15/person ahead of time.


  1. Mari

    Umm. Was this post for real? I thought you were going to end with:” And then I really woke up.” Could we switch lives please?

  2. It was actually all true! Too gloaty? I DID choose to leave out the part where I spun J around on the tree swing and she actually got her hair twisted into the rope and I almost had to cut out a chunk of her hair right at her temple–so it wasn’t all good.

  3. Mari

    Hair twisted into the rope??!! Now that’s what I’ve come to expect! But hey, if some days are awesome-revel in them!

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