Tulips Preview

We went to Washington Park for a picnic dinner tonight.  I had this grand scheme that W would take a lovely tulip photo that could be a new header.  Unfortunately, it was gorgeous out there today. . . did you notice?  So there were all of these random members of the general public who were frolicking about with absolutely no regard for my artistic bloggy dreams.  Alas.

But we did have fun!  And there were pictures–just not a huge, sweeping horizontal landscape filled with tulips and nothing else except for me and my two adorable children.  Sigh.

J, Dogs, Statue

J particularly loved the dogs.  Poor thing:  she’s a dog girl trapped in a cat household.  There was an absolutely adorable series of photos of her gazing at the dogs in the fountain, then realizing that they were all going to splash her, then scrunching up her entire face and flinging her hands up  in a vain attempt to remain dry.  But I’m a paranoid freak who likes to delay all headshots until after the girls’ faces have evolved for at least a couple of years.  So, catch it in Spring 2012!

M in tree

I also forgot that there’s a super-wonderful climbing tree near the fountain.  Whoa, is it fun!  And it’s got all sorts of sheltering leaves, so parents can let their children  climb inconspicuously, reducing the chances that you’ll be  harrassed by super-helpful random adults who are frankly appalled that you allow your children to risk life and limb (get it?  LIMB?) with such complete disregard for their own far superior standards of safety.


Oh, and also?  There are tulips.  They are lovely.  For information on Tulip Fest, click here.  I suggest going for the vendors’ homemade lemonade, especially if you can get them to go easy on the ice.  And maybe bring your own facepaints?  Because they are unbelievably beautiful, but it’s always one heck of a line.

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