Roadtrip Facts and Figures

Approximate total number of hours en route:  13.

Number of minutes on road before a Starbucks stop:  approximately 25.

Number of wrong turns: only 1!  My fault.

Number of movies watched:  4 (Charlotte’s Web, Scooby Doo Pirates Ahoy, Mary Poppins, The Incredibles).

Number of times M asked for the definition of a name that W called another driver: 1.

Number of times one of the adults had to stop for the bathroom even though both children had just finally fallen asleep simultaneously:  1.

Number of hours the other adult continued to “hold it” after spouse’s pit stop (even though she had to go all along, but was too concerned about additional door slamming causing children to wake up):  1.5.  And I should have said “s/he” to keep it anonymous.  But really, don’t we all know who’s who in this scenario?

Number of pieces of gum consumed by all family members:  at least 11.

Number of items spilled by me: 4 (dried cherries, lettuce from my Subway sandwich, water, and margarita salt–and no, we weren’t drinking en route, I just had an unloading issue).

Speaking of which, reason why you shouldn’t go to that Subway that we visited in Delaware:  because they believe that it is impossible for turkey and salami to coexist on the same sandwich.

Reason why you should go, anyway:  5 different varieties of peppers.

Number of times traffic came to a halt because a car was burning to a crisp right there on the side of the road: 1.

Number of times J couldn’t find her water bottle even though it was within 18 inches of her body:  7.

Number of times M threw up:  4.  Poor thing.  She arrived home, collapsed, and could not be roused for dinner.

Good thing that we have two days to recover.  But it’s good to be home!


  1. This is really funny, in a “been there, done that, got vomit on my T-shirt to prove it” kind of way! Road trips are a rite of passage; you’re not a real family until you’ve endured one together!

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