Is the Rain Done Yet? Please? (Warning: Whiny)

Yeah, this is whiny.  You might just want to skip it.  I can’t be, you know, relentlessly fun.

I don’t know how everyone else is doing, but I’ve had it up to here with this weather.   I always dislike this time of year, anyway:  all the summer programs finish up (like my beloved town camp), and school is looming, with the bustle of supplies and over-the-summer homework and PTO jobs, but without the actual, you know, kids leaving the house for a while.

J with rainbow at Craig Elementary School playground.

Seriously, we just all do better when we have a little time to ourselves.  My workout time takes a precipitous dive when the kids are with me all day, because I simply cannot wake up any earlier than I already do.  Don’t even ask.  When the kids were away for a week I even tried to reset my body clock extra-early, and it just didn’t happen.  I’d lose track of time and it would be 2 am and I’d be feeling super.  I’m better at night.  I’m barely functional in the morning.  So Unworked-out Mommy is a teensy bit less patient.

The girls have been playing together pretty well in the mornings.  I do the dullest chores ever and they play until I suddenly realize that I’ve devoted two hours to cleaning the fridge and now they’re sick of each other and starving.  So then I make lunch and attempt to get us out of the house and results vary.  One day it was a playground (wild success), another day errands (really poor: I pulled the car to a screeching halt twice to turn around and chastise them), and today I attempted the pool when a brief glimmer of sunlight filled me with unwarranted optimism.   I believe that it was our most dismal trip to the pool ever.

Really, I’ve just been in a shame spiral lately. M’s been extra obnoxious, including pushing her most effective button the other day, about how Mommy doesn’t work or, you know, do anything.  Which, I’d have to say, makes me angry for a good 48 hours, at least.  Then today she got herself sent to her room for 35 minutes.  This after I started at ten minutes.  Meanwhile, J has developed an unidentified rash that may or may not be clearing up.  Her legs are also a freaking mess of bug bites from when she was away on vacation last week without Mommy to nag about bug spray.  There was also some slacking in the pierced ear care, leading to some infected yuckiness.  She kept claiming that it didn’t hurt, and I had no idea if the redness might be rash- or bug-related.  And then an earring fell out in bed, which I didn’t notice until it had already begun to close.  So last night there was a painful, pussy and emotionally draining re-piercing ceremony at bedtime.  I feel like I’ve really earned my Crappy Mother of the Week badge.

In short, it’s not all about the weather.  But I can’t help thinking that a little warmth and sunshine will buck us all up a bit.  It’s supposed to be coming.  It better be.


  1. Mari

    Oy Katie – cut yourself some slack. I prefer to think of it as letting off steam – not whining. It’s amazing how well they can push our buttons… I keep hedging when P. asks me if I’m going to work – because if I’m not going to work, then why am I sending him to childcare? Answer: We’re both happier that way…

  2. Jenn

    You should read my latest blog. I’ve been having very similar experiences. I miss the structure of school and so do the kids. I need the boundaries of a schedule to keep me going. As to the rash, Emery had a mysterious rash appear for two days and then start to fade. I think it is either 5ths or Roseola. he had a slight fever last week. Something is definitely going around, but it is pretty tame. And you work very hard, you just don’t get paid. Next time that comment gets pulled out, start listing the things you do: shopping, cooking, ferrying children, cleaning, etc. Take heart. Sunshine is on its way and school is just around the bend.

  3. Mari

    What Jenn said: If she pulls that comment out again, gently inform her that since you don’t “work,” she will no longer get to take advantage of the fruits of any of your “work” – such as cooking her meals, driving her places…

  4. Christina Wicks

    Same things are happening here and I hate to be the mom who says “I can’t wait for school to start” but we all need a break from each other and we thrive on the structure school will bring. It’s nice to read your blog to see I’m not the only one with all this going on in my house. Watch out for that rash I’ve heard from multiple sources that Coxsackie virus is going around.

  5. Michelle

    Sounds like a girls night out (sans children) is in order!
    Mornings and I don’t get along so well either, and A frequently manages to push enough buttons *before breakfast* that successfully sours my mood for the day.
    Personally, I am SO ready for the structure of having A in school again. We both need it desperately!

  6. Thanks, everybody. And I have given M the whole schpiel about all I do and how the many jobs I have done. . . as for J’s rash, my doctor’s away this week! But she hasn’t been feeling sick or anything–seems contact dermatitis-ish.

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