Target Emergency!

We’ve had errands to run with the girls all week, but I’ve been procrastinating. Every day was too beautiful to go to the store. And finally, we ran out of days, because M had to pick out a birthday gift for a friend. Even before we’d remembered the birthday, I’d been promising the girls new bike helmets for more than a week. J is still struggling to ride her bike. Honestly, she is riding her bike. She just doesn’t believe it. So every time she realizes that she’s riding, she panics and stops. But she’s trying, and M is a wonderful coach, encouraging her with unbelievable patience and kindness. Plus, their heads are bigger.

As long as I had the girls along at Target, I decided that we should hunt for some light-blocking curtains. J, in particular, has been grouchy from waking up too early. At some point we tried a dark sheet, and it’s really helped, but it’s not too pretty:

And, you know how Target is. I managed to come up with a few additional items. When we got in, some lights were flashing, but we ignored them and started shopping. We had tentatively chosen some curtains when there was an announcement to leave the store. Dang. Apparently, there was some sort of emergency.

We wandered over to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to see if they had better curtains (they didn’t), and when we exited, hopeful that we could go back to Target, there was another truck! Yowza.

So we went into Payless, where J tried on some tap shoes and gave a little show while the salesgirl indulgently looked on. Another peek outside, and we were still Target refugees. And the pool was calling and calling us. The firefighter I consulted predicted another ten minutes, so we headed to Famous Footwear. The girls fell in love with some slippers on clearance and decided that they were worth their own money. Usually they beg me to buy something, and I point out that they can afford it with their piggy bank money, and they decide it’s not worth using their own money, and the matter is dropped. This has happened countless times. Not today.

Finally, we got back into the store. Good thing, because we’d wasted too much time. The pool was calling. We rushed to finish.

We rushed too much. We were driving home when I realized that we’d forgotten the freakin’ bike helmets! The girls were teasing me  because I had written the helmets on the stupid list, but I forgot to check it twice. I reminded her that they were the ones who wanted the helmets, anyway.

We turned back, and then M couldn’t find one that she liked.  At this point she was torn between a new helmet and the pool, but I was relentless. We headed to Plaine & Son where she found a satisfactory helmet in about two minutes. We finally made it to the pool by 4:30 pm.

Oh, and tonight, I was hanging the new curtains during the girls’ bedtimes, and I realized that several panels were the wrong lengths. So I guess I’m shopping again tomorrow. I kind of hope it rains.

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