A whole new year

The girls are happy. J likes her teacher, which I expected because I already knew that she was fabulous. M loves her teacher. Te first day she came home saying “She is sooooo nice.” Today she was upgraded to cool and we were regaled with exciting stories from her life. Excellent.

I’m particularly grateful because both extraordinarily wise teacher chose not to assign any homework this week. It allows us to ease in a bit. No extracurricular activities this week, yet, either.  Next week will be more challenging to fit it all in.

Speaking of extracurricular activities, I spent the summer doing a dance class for the mamas with Dana from Ginny Martin. J has taken dance with Ginny for two years (I wrote a post about her first recital). This year she’s abandoning her to try ballet–yes, I’m a little sad. Anyway, I enjoyed the grown-up class much more than I expected. One hour, broken up into 1/3 exercise, 1/3 improvisational dance, and 1/3 choreography. The improv stuff was way beyond my comfort zone, but it helps that there are no mirrors in the studio. The choreography was my favorite: for the second half we were doing a dance to Lady Gaga’ Bad Romance, which was super-fun, even if I was constantly two beats behind where I was supposed to be.

Anyway, they’re hoping to run another mama class over the school year, although they can only fit it in on Sunday nights. I am so in. If you’re interested, call Ginny.



  1. Heidi Cutler

    Hi Katie,
    Glad the girls had a great first day of school. I love reading your blog I was wondering if you knew when the Harvest Fest in Colonie and the thatcher park festival would be? We love going to both and so far I have not been able to find any information about dates for either for 2011.

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