Cluck, Cluck, Limey Chicken!

Recently I noticed that three of our Family Favorite recipes contain chicken and lime juice. They’re all pretty easy, so I thought that some of you folks out there might like them, too.

The girls are huge fans of Chicken Satay when we go out for Thai food, and a new favorite at home is this Chicken Satay recipe. When I went hunting for it, I found a bunch of other recipes online, too, and honestly? I bet that most of them are pretty good. There’s something about marinating that just makes this super-yummy. We usually have this with some rice and vegetables in a sauce with about coconut milk, soy, sauce, and some lime juice. I think I got that idea from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express book. Actually, there’s a Satay recipe in here, too, but I didn’t use that, because we still don’t own a single Mark Bittman cookbook! I know! How is this possible? Relatives, add this to the wish list, please!

Chicken Satay

Another favorite from long before we even had kids is this Curried Chicken with Mango Relish recipe from Cooking Light. Okay, the truth? After the first couple of times making this, I decided to blow off the mango relish. It’s a pain in the neck, and in my opinion, the result is no better than buying a jarred mango chutney. And even though mango chutney isn’t cheap, the recipe calls for enough mango and dried apricot that the recipe ain’t cheap, either. When I’ve got fresh mint, I make a yogurt-mint-cucumber salad, which I put into this post on gardening before. Last time we ate this, I bought some naan that was pretty good, but it made me think that I should look for a naan recipe. And then one appeared in my Google Reader that same day! I’ve got to ask The Universe for items more often.

Okay, we’ve done Thai and Indian, so we’ll continue the International Festival O’ Chicken And Lime with some chicken taco stuff! This one comes from the Rick Bayless cookbook Mexican Everyday . In fact, I already shared the salsa recipe that goes with this one. The full recipe is Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos, but when we’re feeling extra lazy, we do the bare minimum and just give the chicken “the treatment” that is oh-s0-good and super-easy. Cook up, say, a pound of chicken with salt and pepper in a pan, and when it’s done, you add 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice and 2 garlic cloves that are chopped or crushed, turn the chicken over a couple of times, and then shred it. Tasty.



  1. Big Sister

    Yum. You are making me hungry. We had the yummiest basmati rice last week at a restaurant that was made with coconut milk, vegetable stock and sprinkled liberally with scallions. That would be good with your Thai chicken. We are going to definitely try your recipes. Nothing like chix on stix!

  2. Matt

    Bittman is rather fond of the lime juice+soy+red pepper marinade, but it’s pretty darn reliable. I’ve found shaking it on veggies has been a good way of getting recalcitrant junior eaters in the house to eat ’em up.

  3. Matt, I’ll have to try it. For some reason my kids are much more likely to eat raw veggies than cooked. Simple, but a little boring.
    Big Sister, stix are fun.
    Amy, Yeah, I bet it could be a veggie kabob instead, really. Of course, my kids probably wouldn’t eat it then. . . .

  4. This look wonderful! Thanks for linking up to savory sunday! If you are interested in doing a guest post some time I would LOVE to have you!! Let me know 🙂

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