New-Fangled, Old-Fashioned Holidays

Tomorrow is special, with two holidays manufactured to bring back the good ol’ days.

First, it’s Take Our Children to the Park. . . And Leave Them There Day, brought to you by Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids. If you’d like to participate, I know where you can find a great list of playgrounds. My children will be careening up and down our street for the Niska-Day parade. For the record, 4th-grade M is allowed to walk the block and a half up to the playground to play without me now, and 1st grade J is allowed to do so with M, or she’ll play on a playground that’s an out-of-sight walk away from the soccer field during M’s games. People have gotten used to seeing the girls walk up and down the street, but I know that folks are occasionally appalled at the soccer games. Nevertheless, I love the idea of kids playing unsupervised like I did, way back in the olden days when I was a kid and when, incidentally, crime rates were higher.

Tomorrow’s also Food Revolution Day, brought to you by Jamie Oliver. The focus is improving health by “Standing Up for Real Food.”  Coincidentally, I love food! I particularly enjoy my food real. Did I already link to that TED Talk about food allergies? Well, if I you haven’t watched it yet, that could be a food revolution activity for you to complete in your pajamas. It will make you yearn for the food good ol’ days. There are also Food Revolution events in Saratoga, Troy, and Schuylerville.

And I have no photo, because I spent all day trying to make my shrub situation look presentable, and then I had book group, and I am not remotely ready for tomorrow’s festivities. I’m going to predict that I will not post tomorrow. I’m just putting that out there now so I don’t have to feel guilty and conflicted later.


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