Pilates at the JCC

I’ve been doing a Pilates class with Lori at the Schenectady JCC.  I really love it. Well, okay. I really love it as soon as I am done. Or maybe, during the last five minutes, when we’re doing something all calming and stretchy and we’re finished. But I like it very much the rest of the time. Except for about ten minutes’ worth of time, scattered about the class, when I absolutely hate it and think that it’s impossible and ridiculous and I really shouldn’t have come at all. But then, when we are doing some sort of exercise that is just over-the-top impossible and ridiculous, I start to laugh. It’s a coping mechanism. But it’s difficult not to be happy when you’re in the middle of laughing. So then, I guess that I like it again.

I’m pretty self-disciplined when it comes to scheduling myself to work out, but then I sort of trail off fairly quickly if I’m by myself. I’ll start a run, and a few blocks in I start telling myself that I should be proud just for getting out there at all. I’ll do a bunch of push-ups, but when I start with  abs, I pause early and often. In the past, I’ve only done classes that are cardio-crazy, sweaty affairs. But the great part about this Pilates class is that it forces me to do a ton of abs, and I can’t stop, because wimping out in front of other people is shameful.

Plus, I am a huge fan of Lori, with her vivid descriptions and gentle corrections. And I love the extra stuff she throws in, like one of my favorites, the Pilates ring.

Me and my new best friend. Well, frenemy, maybe.

You might not guess it based on this picture, but another perk of the class is that when I look in the mirror, I feel like I look good. That’s largely because we spend the whole class sucking our belly buttons into our spines. Also, perhaps, because Lori dims the lighting!

Anyway, when I started taking photos and confessed that I write a blog, Lori began gushing about the JCC. She recommends it for pool parties. They have a pool indoors and out, and she once hosted her son’s entire grade in the outdoor pool. The cost is $2/person (free if they’re already a member), and it’s an extra $50 if you’re not a member. After talking to her I checked around and found out that if you’re interested in booking a pool party, the contact is Jamie Hotaling at 377-8803 ext 254 or jamieh@schenectadyjcc.org. If you’ve never visited the pool and want to check it out, they’re having a Summer Fest on Sunday, June 3rd, from noon to 4 pm at their pool and tennis club. It’s free and open to everyone, with swimming, games, rides, and more.

They’ve also got a GLEE Camp for 6th to 12th graders. It’s running from July 30th to August 10th, and campers can attend for one or two week.

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  1. Big Sister

    I am jealous! Never had a Pilates class. But you’ve inspired me to pull in my belly button as I sit here typing!! Keep it up, sister!

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