End of Summer, Beginning of a New Week

How about that for a gorgeous final weekend of summer?

Even though my children and I are all driving each other crazy and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine, the sunshine and fun we had this weekend make the end of summer so bittersweet.

We went to our town pool for its final day today, and there was a pretty good turnout. We all knew that the pool was closing for the season at 2 pm, and my efficient husband started to gather our belonging and get organized. I remained in denial, and with a few minutes left, I pushed my chaise into the full recline position, closed my eyes, and soaked up my last little bit of poolside summer sun. When they blew the everybody-out-of-the-pool whistle, a bunch of people started clapping. Like a complete dork, I got all teary-eyed. It just seemed like such a sweet gesture, all of these grown-ups taking a moment to say, “Hey, that was a great summer. I’m going to miss it here.”

Because of course we’ll be back, but it will be different. Next year the preschooler will be swimming or the toddler will decide he hates water or the tween will be too cool to want to come or those kids who’ve spent all summer splashing on the steps together will find new friends and ignore each other. Which is fine. Of course things change. But ten months is like dog years when your kids are growing up. This year I got the same line quite a bit from my mom friends with little kids who needed a splashy playmate or someone to catch them as they jumped in or supervise them in the kiddie pool. The moms would walk by me as I sat, ignored by my independent big girls and paging through a trashy magazine, and they’d call, “I am so jealous of you.” And each time I’d smile and murmur, “Your day will come.” And it will. Sooner than they think.

We’ll have plenty of summers ahead, but this summer with these kids is over.


See you in June.

Now, if you’re looking for things to do this week, it’s a bit of a challenge. This week is always quiet as everyone switches gears. You can check out the Albany Public Library’s new and improved Program Guide. You can already pick apples at some places, and it’s going to be a short season this year. (I re-published last year’s Fall Activities in the Capital District page, which you can find on the right). You can check out a new Playground, or call places that do lessons to find out if they’ve got free trial classes coming up. Here are a few items on the schedule for this week:

Tuesday, September 4th:

Wednesday, September 5th:

Thursday, September 6th:

Friday, September 7th:




  1. Lisa

    “ten months is like dog years when your kids are growing up” – LOVE THIS….and sadly, so true….. ;(

  2. Amanda

    I would have teared up too! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy your children when they are little. “the last summer with these kids” made me a little sad :(. So glad mine are only 1 & 3. I still have some time 🙂

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