Adirondack Balloon Festival, Hispanic Heritage Celebration, Pearl Palooza, Souvlaki Fest, and More This Weekend

It was a hectic evening. The girls seemed to want to do everything but homework, then I had Zumba class from 5:30-6:30 pm and Back to School Night for M starting at 6 pm, and J had gymnastics starting at 6:30. We’d lucked out with a carpool for J, and I planned to leave Zumba a bit early and arrive sweaty about 15 or 20 minutes into Back to School Night (same speeches every year).  I had a slow cooker meal already done (a very awesome vegetarian African Sweet Potato Stew, although my children might chance the “some” to “full”). M would be on her own for a bit until Cute W arrived home, then she planned to play on the school playground while we were at school. Except that as I rushed off to Zumba class I realized that I’d forgotten the last little touches to the dinner, and I was beginning to remember just how much I sweat at Zumba, so that even as I was driving there, I knew that this was simply too much. I ended up staying for three songs, then returning home to finish off dinner, then managed to make it just as the speeches were ending.

Back to School Night was fine. Tragically, the Thursday Zumba class is going to get dropped because not enough people enrolled. Don’t you all want to do it with me, pretty please? More info. is here.

Multiple Days/All Weekend:

Friday, September 21st:

Saturday, September 22nd:

Sunday, September 23rd:


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