Ringing in the Holidays

Okay, I’m officially in the holiday spirit. It was like a flip that was switched today. At the grocery store, actually. I walked into produce and Christmas carols were playing and I almost rolled my eyes, but I was appeased by a sale on pomegranates. I love pomegranates. Then I was waiting at the deli … [Read more…]

Random Links for You

A lazy night for me, which means some random links for you. Here’s a c. 2-minute-long film called “Sensory Overload” that offers insight into how autism feels. It’s an interesting exercise in empathy, although it’s likely to give you a headache. I found it via Andrew Sullivan. Stroller traffic offers a list of Ten Blog … [Read more…]

That’s How We Roll

Oh, man, life is good at our house! We’re having fun by building character. Because that’s how we roll. So this morning, J got a precious gift: the gift of teeth spacers. She tried to model them, and if you see a teensy weensy little blue shadow inside her mouth, those are the spacers. But … [Read more…]

Elf Invasion

So, did I tell you that I got sucked into the whole Elf-on-a-Shelf thing? I know! You never thought it would happen to me, right? I mean, I refuse a single evening of leprechaun mayhem, and now I’m sucked into an advent calendar’s worth of cheeky poses by a plush figure. Sigh. Little J mentioned–repeatedly–that … [Read more…]

Our Black Friday Activities

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We spent Thanksgiving night at my sister’s house–you know, the same house where we went for Easter, where everything is gorgeous. The weather was fabulous, so the girls were having a fabulous time clamoring around the backyard. And, sure, the backyard had fewer trees than last time we … [Read more…]

Syracuse + Links

So, last weekend my family and I went to visit Syracuse. Cute W travels all over the state for work, but it was my first-ever trip to Syracuse. We were invited to check out the brand-new WonderWorks indoor amusement park, but we also checked out some other attractions for a little mini-vacation. Our hands-down favorite … [Read more…]

Breaking Bread

Over the weekend at church, we had our annual Thanksgiving service, one of my favorites of the year. Several members of the congregation bring bread: a great-grandmother’s recipe, the new recipe that the 4-year-old always requests, the gluten-free vegan recipe, or the bread they always pick up at Perreca‘s because nobody bakes at home. On … [Read more…]

Lazy Link Night

I went to the dentist today for my 6-month check-up. The dentist, the partner of the one I usually see, pointed out how very flat and ground down my teeth are. “Oh, but I wear a mouth guard every night!” I tell him proudly. Sure, I could still floss more, but after my initial reluctance, I’ve … [Read more…]