Are You Old Enough. . .

. . . to know where I got the idea for this tasty treat?


I’m not a big OJ drinker, myself, but I had a bunch left over when my (brilliant) Mimosa-makings for Niska-Day parade-watching last weekend. Unsurprisingly, we ran out of Champagne before juice.

How’s Memorial Day Weekend going? We were pretty excited to have barely any plans and a gloomy weather forecast, because we thought we’d spend most of the weekend doing bathroom organizing and post-construction clean-up. But then I caught M’s (not really) tuberculosis and I’ve been pretty useless for the last couple of days–if I haven’t responded to an email, that’s why, and I’m sorry! Tonight my parents came to visit and everyone has gone to sleep except me because I said I’d wait up for our cat, Isis, to come inside for the night so she wouldn’t be trapped in cold weather. But she is psychic and must have realized that I was trying to be useful at the computer, because since I uploaded that photo she’s scratched at the door and reported to her post, which is stepping on and around my keyboard and knocking over anything on my desk. So I’m giving up and going to bed.


  1. @Erin, I love the hunk a cheese one! And even better is Schoolhouse Rocks. Once Cute W and I were driving to visit my sister and a local radio station was interviewing the guy who’d written most of the Schoolhouse Rocks songs, and we SAW THE RADIO STATION on the side of the road so we STOPPED IN TO MEET HIM!! We were fawning all over him and he was like, “Yep, you’re just the right age.”

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