My day was just like today’s weather. It was so hot & humid, and then there was the massive, dramatic downpour, and I went outside excited to feel the delightfully refreshed, post-rain atmosphere. . . and then it was still hot & humid. And then it happened again. And again. I was running around like a maniac all day, but I don’t have much to show for it. A lot of driving children hither, thither, and yon. Preparing food and cleaning up after eating and then preparing more food and cleaning more. Without anything particularly magnificent or delicious to show for the effort. Well, some days are just like that, right?

I’ve got a few links. The truth is that I’ve really dropped the ball on finding treasures in the internet lately. I’m still recovering from the demise of Google Reader. I’ve adjusted. I’ve got all the stuff going to Feedly now, and I think that once I get rolling again, it will even be better. I have aspirations to actually categorize all of them and become more organized in general. But I hate change, and the truth is that I just sort of got out of the habit of actually following the posts. So I don’t look for days and days, and then the next time I look the “to be read” list is at “999+” and then I blow through them and skip almost everything. Still, here are a few links.

Awesome breastfeeding poem called Embarrassed by Hollie McNish:

And here’s a fun Irish version of the Cups song that M was obsessing over recently:

 Eating Well Blog has a series on their Eat More Vegetables Challenge.

The Motherlode has a post on raising kids who are the poorest kids in a rich town, which sounds a bit familiar! No, no, no. We’re not the poorest. But we’re absolutely not the richest.  And the post is encouraging because the commenters seem to think it’s a good thing.

Andrew Sullivan pointed me toward Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch’s Tweet where he asked folks if they had a photograph of their happiest moment. If you don’t use Twitter, you can click on “details” to see the photo each person’s Tweeting about. Lovely.






  1. Claire

    For the past week, we’ve been having that kind of rain that actually makes the humidity worse rather than cooling things off. So frustrating. But the good news is that tonight the overnight low is actually going to go below 70, so I think tomorrow there will finally be some relief.

    Thanks for the link to that Motherlode article. I totally relate. I don’t exactly live in rich town; Latham is a mixed bag. And I’m not poor, but certainly have a lot less than a lot of our acquaintances (due to my decision to cut back my work hours to part time). I worry about how this will affect my son through the years.

  2. @Claire, yeah, we’ve already had a lot of conversations with the girls about choices, and it’s usually how we’re choosing time over money or how I choose not to spend a lot of money on something that they’re welcome to buy with their own savings!

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