Getting Oriented

Wednesday was Middle School Orientation for M. She’s been super-excited about middle school for months now, and it was only, say, Tuesday night that I actually saw some low-level anxiety. Back in June parents had received the advice that we might want to get a combination lock for kids to practice opening, because kids are … [Read more…]

Copping Out Tonight

I’ve got a splitting headache and I am feeling crabby and emotional. I think that I’m just overtired. The girls have been going to bed later, which means I’m going to bed later, and it’s catching up with me. Yes, I know that we have to re-set our sleep schedules, and tonight was a good … [Read more…]

A Quick Giveaway, Plus Our New Toys

Okay, first, thanks to a friend and MVP Healthcare, I have a couple of of Family 4-pack general admission entries to the Back to School Expo at the Empire State Plaza this Saturday, September 7th. Because I was consumed with painting M’s room (BOTH girls’ rooms are DONE! Hooray!), I’m running a bit behind schedule, … [Read more…]