Black Friday Weekend Continues

How’s everybody’s post-Thanksgiving weekend? I almost avoided shopping altogether, except when M jumped on the computer because she was psychically aware of the sales available, and so one order was made to Aeropostale. Because, hello, $11 jeans. In fact, she picked a few things that she was going to buy for herself, and she was still well under the $75 minimum to skip paying for shipping. So I encouraged her to keep filling the cart on the off chance that Santa might choose to get her something. We’ll see. . . .

And I’ve been a slacker, so if you’re pining for more things to read, then:

Here’s a list of a dozen free and/or low-cost things to do around the Capital District this holiday season.

Here’s my article about how to host a caroling party.

Here’s’s Master Guide to the Holidays.

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