Girls’ Circles

This year I’ve started a new activity that I haven’t mentioned on the blog until now. I am a muse. “Why, I knew that already!” you are no doubt saying, “because you always inspire wisdom within me, and you are in many other ways quite goddess-like!’ Well, thank you. But that’s not exactly what I … [Read more…]

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Friday night was a bit frantic. I was responsible for taking J and her BFF to the Learning Fair, and they spent the afternoon augmenting their project with new projects and sub-projects and design ideas. Meanwhile I looked up and realized that I had about half an hour before we had to get going, and … [Read more…]

I’ve Completely Lost Control of My House

I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow night, our elementary school’s Learning Fair. Right now there’s evidence of J’s project with her BFF everywhere. They’re researching chemical additives in food, which has led to all sorts of groovy-cool little projects-in-process. Like noticing that the brown candies contain multiple color dyes: Cool. Excellent. The girls are exploring and … [Read more…]


This morning J slid under the covers beside me while I was still half-awake. “Can you tell me what we’re doing again?” she asked. A moment into my summary of the hectic weekend’s agenda, she touched my arm, “Maybe you could draw a picture like you do sometimes?” If you haven’t noticed this about me … [Read more…]

Scaring My Kid Straight

One thing that happens at school is that, beyond reading and math, kids let to learn about all the terrible things that they shouldn’t do, like smoke, drink, take drugs, or play with matches. Fire safety was one of the first big messages for the kids.


I started Capital District Fun because I wanted to write and I wanted to help people find things to do with their kids. In the four years (!!) since then, I’ve gained confidence writing here as well as for parenting magazines and websites, and I’ve started working as editor for KidsOutAndAbout, which spreads the word … [Read more…]

A Different Look

I’m in the process of changing Capital District Fun a little bit. It looks different, and things might not work quite the same way. Feel free to tell me what you think. Soon I’ll write more about why I’m scheming and evolving and all that sort of thing, but in the meantime, please be patient … [Read more…]