Quick Quiz!

Which of the following do you guess has occurred at my house in the past few days?

A) Our previously quite cooperative cat has begun a Reign of Poop Terror, soiling our new quilt twice, along with Cute W’s duffel bag and our living room rug;

B) I lost it completely and blustered to my children, “I want to send you both to your room right now, just because you’re both so annoying!” which led to some tears and eye-rolling, but not to anyone actually going to their room;

C) While cooking up a storm and listening to an audiobook, I used kitchen shears to cut off the stems from a massive bunch of kale and then spent a good 5 seconds wondering why it was so quiet before I realized that I’d cut my headphone wires in a sad multitasking fail;

D) My 12-year-old, who is in charge of giving Madison the Fish breakfast each morning, mentioned in passing that she “actually hasn’t fed the fish in about a month;” or

E) All of the Above.

Oh, come on, you guys. You totally know the answer to this one.


  1. @Claire, yup! (knock on wood) –so now the question is, has it been hungry all along, or were we over-feeding it before?

  2. Erin T

    “sad multitasking fail” would be my favorite new hashtag, if I went on twitter or used hashtags. I would have lots to contribute.

  3. Big Sister

    Bhwaw Hah Hah! You need a vacation with EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY! (Almost!)

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