Merry Christmas

The girls and their cousins put a bunch of greenery, cranberries, and candles into their grandma’s white elephant vase for a centerpiece. Pretty cute.


We’re good. Kids are loving the weather and playing outside a bunch. I ordered a bunch of gifts for M through Wanelo, which is a social app that the younguns are using to window shop virtually. Here’s my advice: never, ever order anything from Wanelo. One out of six items has actually arrived. Something ordered on December 6th was marked “Status: Complete,” but then when I checked the tracking it was last seen a week and a half ago somewhere in China. Am I bitter? You bet I am. Well we’ll try to stumble along, I guess. The girls just got fuzzy Star Wars pj pants from their aunt, so it’s not like they’re suffering.

Merry Christmas! Cookies for everyone!



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