The Day After

I am going to try not to dwell on the election here.

But first, I’m going to share a few things that happened on just the day after the election, Wednesday:

  • My black friend was jeered at by three jubilant men in a pick-up truck with a big Confederate flag.
  • My friend’s daughter was teased about being deported even though she was born in the US, and the mom was saying that she feels like she needs to put out a statement clarifying that she’s a legal immigrant and naturalized US citizen.
  • My friend had to calm her Muslim children and try to reassure them that they would be okay.
  • My friend’s college-age daughter was talking about the election with her friend when a male student who’d overheard leaned in and said, “Go suck a dick and die.”

Among my acquaintances, relatives, and friends who say it’s time to move on and get over this election, all of them are white and Christian (or with a Christian background). I think that they honestly just don’t understand how threatening the environment has become for so many people.

And by “environment” I don’t mean the one that’s in trouble because Trump’s main EPA guy is a global warming skeptic (although when Cute W mentioned this I had to do deep breathing exercises for a minute).

This is an environment of literal, direct threats, things like a strange guy hissing obscenities out of nowhere. It’s coming from people who have been emboldened by the words and actions of our president-elect and his support of almost half of the electorate.  No need for me to check the news to feel alarmed. People I care about are being hurt and frightened. And that is unacceptable.






  1. Claire

    This is so sad, and so scary. A lot of people excused Trump by saying that you can’t take him literally and he’s full of hot air, bark worse than his bite, etc. But if his example is encouraging others to spew hate and intimidation toward others, there is no excuse for it.

  2. Big Sister

    Thank you Katie. I hope that President Elect Trump will be a successful leader and a responsible steward of our country. Within that hope is that he will dial back the hateful rhetoric and seriously ask all citizens to do the same. Meantime, I intend to lead by example with every day kindness and courtesy to all.

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