I Love Editing

The other day I was chatting with someone who had written something, and she just couldn’t bring herself to look at it again. She knew that she’d need to edit the work, probably multiple times. But she hates that part. I so don’t relate. I love tinkering and moving around paragraphs and fixing punctuation. It … [Read more…]

Art Tour

Every once in a while, we’ll get a letter saying that some piece of art by one of my daughters is in a school art show. The first time it happened, with M, this seemed impressive. There was an “Art Show Reception” that I put on my calendar, and we were excited to attend.  Then … [Read more…]

Eating our Way Through NYC

We decided to head down to NYC because Cute W had to go, anyway, and the girls didn’t have school. We really didn’t have a specific destination in mind. I listed off possible attractions, and the girls said things like, “Those all sound good.” Which isn’t very helpful. M’s one strong desire? “Not Times Square.” … [Read more…]

A Picture Book Appreciation

I spend Wednesday evenings scheduling a bunch of different KidsOutAndAbout.com newsletters, and the centerpiece of the newsletter is my friend Deb’s publisher’s note. Now, back in Olden Tymes when I only had my local newsletter to worry about, reading Deb’s publisher’s note would often send me back to my own editor’s note, because whatever she … [Read more…]