Choosing A Focus

One hazard of this year’s fall sports season is that many of the girls’ games occur simultaneously. Plus, the school districts are coordinated, which accentuates the so-near-and-yet-so-far nature of these games. Yesterday, for example, I schleped all the way to East Greenbush to watch J in her volleyball game at a middle school while M … [Read more…]

M and the Adaptive Programs at the High School

I mentioned a while back that M was doing Unified Basketball at school, but then I realized I hadn’t ever talked about how many different things she’s done that are adaptive/unified since high school started. Back when M was in middle school, I kept trying to get her to do things. Student council? Nope. W.E.B. … [Read more…]

The Volleyball Update

Last I reported, J had abruptly dropped gymnastics with high hopes for getting on her school volleyball team. She ended up being the only 7th grader who participated in the varsity/JV try-outs (another 7th grader showed up but didn’t play because of an injury), so when the coaches told various older girls whether they’d made … [Read more…]

Eating Around Schenectady

Cute W arrived home from his work conference on Friday morning, which meant we had time to ourselves before the girls got back from school. We decided to go out on a lunch date and try someplace new to us, Slidin’ Dirty. I haven’t ever eaten at the Troy location or the food truck, either, … [Read more…]

M is Rockin’ It

All of a sudden, M seems really very old. Also, approximately one quarter of the way through it, 15 doesn’t seem too bad at all. For example, M’s been randomly doing housework without me having to ask. On multiple occasions I’ve walked into a room to find her unloading the dishwasher or folding laundry. The … [Read more…]

J’s Braces

J got braces. We’ve known this was coming for a while now, and she’s already been through a palate expander, but getting braces was still a pretty big deal. It took the orthodontist about two hours to put them on, and then they advised that we get a quick bite to eat before the soreness … [Read more…]