I am seeing a ton of mask-making tutorials and requests for masks, and it’s become increasingly clear to me that the rest of the population must not share my obsessions with bandanas and adorable wide headbands.

Or possibly my standards for face protection are just lower than most people’s. . . ? I mean, these are obviously not medical-grade masks or anything. But hey, they do the trick. Sure, the pink one is a little tight and the orange one’s material might be a bit too delicate, and a couple of them are my go-to workout headbands, which means that in spite of frequent laundering, you can’t press them up against your nose without having a vague sense that I’ve sweated on them at least a couple of times a week for the last few years. . . . But basically, the family’s covered with easy, washable face coverings that don’t require out any sewing. Most of these are wide enough that, if you were feeling super-motivated, you could double them up and slide a coffee filter in between the layers. Which I totally would’ve done if we hadn’t given up paper filters for a reusable filter years ago.

Anyway, if this gorgeous fashion show has left you feeling jealous and want one for yourself, The Open Door Bookstore‘s been selling headbands, or I am a big fan of Natural Life’s Boho Bandeaus.

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