Rain and Take Out

I really feel like I could physically distance pretty much indefinitely if I lived somewhere where the weather was nice. This chilly rain stuff is bringing me down, big time.

But really, we’ve been doing okay. Very occasionally, the girls will do this laughter-gallows-humor-that-seems-like-it-may-turn-into-weeping-but doesn’t-quite-get-there thing. Like, M will mention that maybe J will get lucky and have a normal senior year and a graduation ceremony, and then she cackles somewhat hysterically. Or J will see that clip of the New Zealand PM talking about the Easter Bunny and says, wow, she seems so competent and nice, and then she cackles somewhat hysterically. And I have been a teensy bit, low-key rage-y. It’s just that my laptop disappears and there are all sorts of experimental cooking projects in the kitchen and my main working space is in a major thoroughfare of the house, which works just fine when everyone is away at work and at school, but does not work as well when we are all home. Together. For all of this beautiful, beautiful togetherness.

But we’re good! The girls are keeping themselves busy with sports workouts, online classes, and bike path outings. J is doing a lot of cooking. M is applying to scholarships. Today they decided that they should bathe our cat, Dave, because he has dandruff. He wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about the idea, but has was mostly compliant, at least.

We tried a new place for take-out: Mazadar for Mediterranean.

It was tasty, and it was a ton of food. We liked the Bolani and Chicken Kabob and Chicken Kofta Kabob. And I was a huge fan of the fries and the side salad. We were not fans of the Sabzi spinach. Most of the other places we’ve ordered from are our old favorites I’ve talked about here already–or places we wouldn’t recommend–so a new source of yumminess was a nice change of pace. These days we’re acting like ordering take-out from local businesses is a some kind of sacred social duty. In other words, life is pretty good.

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  1. Claire

    I am so with you on the weather! It would make a huge difference if we were able to get outside on a consistent basis. Thankfully, the upcoming week looks good so far.

    I’m so sorry that your daughter’s senior year in highschool is ending this way. I think highschool seniors are the second biggest victims of this pandemics, obviously second to those who have been directly affected by the virus. On the other hand, her senior year will be a unique and historical one to tell her children about. I really hope that in a year or two schools will have some type of a major reunion celebration for the class of 2020.

    My son is graduating from 6th grade this year, which obviously pales in comparison to graduating from highschool (especially because he is really enjoying all this extra time at home). But it’s still sad that he’s missing out on all the end of the year activities after spending 7 years at this elementary school. But we’re framing it as an adventure, and at his age that is working!

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