Copping Out Tonight

I’ve got a splitting headache and I am feeling crabby and emotional. I think that I’m just overtired. The girls have been going to bed later, which means I’m going to bed later, and it’s catching up with me. Yes, I know that we have to re-set our sleep schedules, and tonight was a good … [Read more…]

A Huge List of Links for YOU

I have a ton of links lined up for you. A more conscientious blogger might split these into a couple of posts, but I just can’t restrain myself. WAMC had an interview with Kristine Barnett about “The Spark,” her book about raising her genius autistic son and focusing on children’s individual strengths instead of trying … [Read more…]


It’s about time that I confessed to all of you that I let M join Instagram. And I feel like it’s a confession because it’s one of those slightly questionable parenting decisions that I made thinking, “Gosh, I hope that this is the right thing to do.” First of all, M just turned 11 and … [Read more…]