Links to Share

I’ve been getting the newsletter ready tonight, but luckily I’ve got a big list of links that I’ve been meaning to share with you. All Over Albany has a post on The Snow Train to North Creek. I just love Glennon’s approach to dealing with tantrums over at Momastery. Seriously, I can’t look at … [Read more…]

Links for You

I’ve been collecting links to share. And I’m too lazy to write. So, here’s what I’ve got: I thought that saying I’m an organ donor on my driver’s license was enough, but apparently it’s not. So here’s a form for New Yorkers to fill out to register as organ donors. I thought that this video, … [Read more…]

Holiday Links

Today I’m just sharing a bunch of holiday links. Because I’ve got Ewok cloaks to sew. Ready? The TU’s Parent to Parent blog has Tips for a Toddler Christmas. Mamatoga has Ten Chanukah Crafts. Albany Kid’s got a post full of cold, hard facts about Santa’s sleigh. The Bloggess proves that Santa is real.   … [Read more…]

Holiday Links for You

So, I’ve had a somewhat emotionally exhausting day with a teacher conference that I feared would be contentious scheduled for smack dab in the middle of my day. The conference√ā¬†actually turned out quite peaceful and cordial, but my jaw is still sore from night-time stress teeth-grinding for the past two nights. I’d told myself that … [Read more…]