While we were on one of our recent road trips,  Cute W was fiddling with the radio stations, and he stumbled on Flo Rida’s Whistle. This pop song was new to him, and honestly, it’s catchy, until you notice the words. They begin, “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, let me know. Girl … [Read more…]

Where Was I?

The Me Party continued with a chick flick tonight. I watched Mean Girls. This had been on my “to watch” list for a while, but I realized that I had no idea exactly when it came out. As the previews rolled and announced their availability on DVD and VHS, it became clear that it was … [Read more…]

I’m on TV! Also: Fireflies.

I’m too tired to write. Here’s the link to my Newschannel 13 Live at Noon segment. And if you are my personal FB friend and you “like” Capital District Fun, I apologize for inundating you with this link over and over again. Tonight I was still working on the newsletter, and meanwhile J was … [Read more…]

Vacation: Day 1

We started our spring break by being Easteriffic today. We finally got to egg decorating just barely in time for the holiday. It went well, and I credit our great success to timing, because we decorated while fresh and perky,  immediately after breakfast. As a result, events that could cause an outburst of tears in … [Read more…]


Yesterday, one of M’s 4th-grade friends came up to me and gushed, “Mrs. B! You have got to let M see The Hunger Games! It’s so good!” I smiled what I hoped was a pleasant-but-cryptic smile. Another friend backed her up, “Oh, it’s TRUE. It’s so, so good. And it’s hardly even violent. You hardly … [Read more…]