Camping at Glimmerglass

We spent Saturday night camping at Glimmerglass State Park with folks from our church. I had never been to Glimmerglass–or Cooperstown at all, for that matter–so it was a new adventure. I wasn’t actually psyched about it. I’m getting lazier as the summer wears on, and the prospect of packing up the car for a … [Read more…]

Day Trips

Hooray for a break in the weather! This afternoon we took J’s first on-the-road bike ride around the neighborhood. She did great. In fact, the whole time I was wishing that I’d taken a camera with me, because she was so cute. She’s quite the style maven, and this afternoon she was wearing zebra-print flats … [Read more…]


Happy Summer, everyone! Did you know that this Saturday is the Great American Backyard Campout? I actually wrote an article encouraging people to try a little backyard camping, and you can read it at Kids Out and About here. Meanwhile, if you want to venture beyond your backyard, here are a few suggested campgrounds that … [Read more…]

Spring Trip to New York City

We drove down to New York on Thursday morning, checked into our hotel, and decided to go for a little walkabout. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve taken the girls into the city before, and they (mostly) didn’t have strong opinions about what to do. so we thought that we’d poke around some places that were new … [Read more…]

Lake Placid Outings: High Falls Gorge & Avalanche Adventures

My final Lake Placid report includes what I’d consider to be our least successful day.  For me, there’s a ratio that I have in my head regarding any outings.  Well, that’s not true:  I just thought of it.  But it’s informally lodged in my subconscious, I guess, and it goes something like this: Kid Enjoyment … [Read more…]

Adirondack Animal Land

After posting about Hoffman’s it occurred to me that another local classic is Adirondack Animal Land.  About 45 minutes away from the Capital District, it’s absolutely worth the trip. Adirondack Animal Land is a smallish zoo, but it’s perfect for a day trip:  just exactly manageable, in my opinion.  Just when my kids were about … [Read more…]