On Father’s Day, we’d planned a visit to Ramblewild, a new tree-to-tree adventure park in the Berkshires, right next to Jiminy Peak. I was super-excited for some family-bonding fun, and then. . . I wasn’t. It was a horribly rainy day, remember? I was concerned that perhaps I had ruined Cute W’s day by committing … [Read more…]

J’s World

One of J’s great pleasures these days is berry picking. Our next door neighbor installed a little patch between our houses, and for the last week or two we’ve been picking piles of berries. Here’s one day’s yield, and ended up picking another bowl later the same day: Yumma. Our yield inspired Cute W to … [Read more…]

Niagara Falls

I mentioned that J had a big gymnastics meet recently, but I don’t think that I mentioned that it was all the way near Buffalo. That’s a massive schlep, plus I wasn’t sure how the meet would go, so I decided that we should try to work a mini-vacation in. Before Sunday’s meet, J and … [Read more…]

Day Out With Thomas® Giveaway!

Are you and your kids huge Thomas the Tank Engineâ„¢ fans? Then here’s a giveaway for you! Peep! Peep! Thomas the Tank Engineâ„¢ is celebrating friendship at Day Out With Thomas®: The Celebration Tour 2015, and families across North America are invited aboard! Little engineers everywhere are invited to join Thomas when the #1 Engine … [Read more…]

4th Grade is Tough

I should have asked this before, but can you do me a HUGE favor and fill out this KidsOutAndAbout survey about your favorite local kid-friendly places? I appreciate it! My last post was originally going to be called Yin & Yang, because sometimes I feel like my daughters grow up as if they’re playing a … [Read more…]

Way To Go, I’m So Proud of Me.

Lately, not to jinx it or anything? But, for me at least, M’s been a delight. That kid is sharp. She is funny.  She says all sorts of jokey pleasant things, which I appreciate, and when you realize that she’s turning 13 in two weeks, it’s remarkable how much of a tremendous pain in the … [Read more…]