Thanksgiving Preparations

The bathrooms are cleaned, the rugs have been vacuumed, and I’ve counted out plates and napkins. So far I’ve made cheeseball, lemon squares, chocolate mousse, and vegetarian gravy. Between us, we’ve made three trips to the grocery store, just today. But it’s coming along. I’m a little bit worried that we’re not on our “A” … [Read more…]

My Unique Talents

This morning, I slept until 10 am. 10 am! And I’m 45. Now, some would mock me and roll their eyes about me sleeping the day away. Perhaps a couple of those folks live in my house. But, think about it. I have the sleeping-stamina of a teenager! People pay good money for dewy, wrinkle-free … [Read more…]

The Updates

Last Friday, J and I went with friends to see Suffragette. We thought the movie was great, but it was also stressful. With any historical film, there’s that spoiler called the rest of history, but even though we know that women can vote now, the film ended on a decidedly poignant note. Then we went … [Read more…]

Gratitude Studies

It’s been up for a couple of weeks, but the Thankful Tree has been looking a little bit paltry.     This puzzles me. My children eat multiple times per day, often while wearing clothes that are sometimes even moderately fashionable and sitting in a house that is, if not particularly spacious, generally pleasant and … [Read more…]

Parents Just Don’t Understand

I realized that my children can recite numerous lines to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” except that they’ve never actually heard the song from those guys, just from the time Leslie Knope sings it, in that Parks & Recreation episode  in which she accidentally performs a gay penguin marriage. So … [Read more…]

Blaze Pizza

Last night we tried Blaze Pizza as part of a middle school fundraiser. It was our first visit to this spot at Mohawk Commons, part of what used to be the Barnes & Noble store (RIP, may we hold it and our beautiful memories in our hearts forever). Full disclosure: we, as a family, are … [Read more…]

The Reject Team

The girls got a bunch of candies. Naturally, some of them were more well-received than others. Along with the leftovers that no trick-or-treaters had chosen at our door (cough, cough: Whoppers), whatever the girls didn’t want was dumped into a large Halloween bowl. So, first of all: pretzels? Pretzels are not special! Who freakin’ wants … [Read more…]


There’s candy all over my living room carpet–part of an elaborate bartering system set up between the sisters–but besides that, I am sweeping Halloween out of the house as quickly as possible. It’s not that I’m anti-Halloween. I just feel like it snuck up on me this year, so I’m trying to get a jump … [Read more…]