Shopping in the Wrong Store

We’ve been having some blue jeans drama lately. If you are not currently parenting a teenager, you may not have noticed that the style is to wear the very tightest jeans possible. Now, back in the olden days of the 80s, tight jeans meant lying on your back on a bed, blowing all of the … [Read more…]

Library Book Binge

I’m super-excited to go back to the Savannah Book Festival this year. I’ve been once before, and I reported to you its unexpected delights. I’m getting ready by reading a huge pile of books. But, lately I’ve been half-nervous that a librarian is going to pull the plug on me because I have been using … [Read more…]

Judgment Calls

On Monday, J was invited to share some frozen yogurt with friends, and I was confronted with a series of judgment calls. You know, small-scale judgment calls. Incidentally, just writing the first sentence I was at war against my nature, because I’m generally a very good speller, but I always, always, always want to spell … [Read more…]

The Rant Continues

I have this backlog of topics that I’m not posting about because my rant has been rattling around in my head, so I’m sorry. It’s long. It’s a rant. But I just have to get it out there to clear the decks. And off-topic, if you’re considering Cinderella at Proctors, here’s my review. After complaining … [Read more…]

Don’t Worry Parents: We Got This!

As far as I heard, two things happened at our local high school on Wednesday. In the evening, parents of 8th graders were invited to the high school to learn about what to expect for their soon-to-be high school-aged children, specifically emphasizing that these children would be treated to a vast array of academic program … [Read more…]

Here Is Where I Rock

Often I wish parented better. My parenting wishes frequently stand in direct conflict with each other, like I wish that I had enough money to buy X for my daughters but I also wish I never spent any money and we gave all our birthday gift funds to charity. Or I wish that I cooked … [Read more…]

Kansas City

The girls had tons of fun with the family in Kansas City. One highlight was checking out the cousins’ neighbors’ house. These people are deeply, deeply emotionally and financially invested in inflatables. It was like a wonderland. And it was particularly ironic because recently a guy asked me about where he could find a gigantic … [Read more…]

Great to Be Here for the New Year!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus because we were traveling for the holidays, visiting Cute W’s family in Kansas City. We were supposed to leave on December 22nd and return on the 28th, but travel was a challenge. On our trip out, we barely made our connecting flight. As in, the airline told … [Read more…]