Ask An Expert

Once upon a time I was visiting a doctor, and we were making idle chit-chat that included what I did for (paid) work. At the time, I had just started editing for, but I’d also been sending out articles for regional parenting publications that were published here and there. “. . . So, you’re … [Read more…]

Fall Fun

We finally got around to our annual apple picking/pumpkin choosing/cider donut eating outing today. We pick apples and pumpkins at Lindsey’s, then get donuts at Riverview on the way home. We pretty much had to squeeze it in between two other activities, but every time we do something like that, I resolve that we’ve got … [Read more…]

Shopping Success #2

I tend to be hard on my jewelry. I don’t know, man. I’m just trying to live my life. But if you’ve read for a while, you know that I once busted the diamond right out of my engagement ring, and I’ve had the prongs of the replacement ring fixed multiple times. Several months ago, … [Read more…]

Shopping Success #1

It’s a surprising title, I know. I hate shopping, hate-hate-hate it, but I’ve had two good store experiences in a row, so I thought I’d share. Tonight is the homecoming dance for M, so a dress was required. M is not a dress-up kind of girl, and like her mother, she’s not much of a … [Read more…]

The Actual Terror of Fright Fest

On Sunday, I brought J and two of her friends to Great Escape Fright Fest as part of her birthday celebration. She’d rejected the idea of a party this year because she is friendly with several different little crowds, and trying to do something with everyone would be way too awkward. So instead she planned … [Read more…]

Anxiety-Fraught Weekend

Last weekend was not entirely stress-free. First, that video. Jeez. At one point a friend said something on Facebook about how she felt like maybe this whole national conversation was dredging up some PTSD-like symptoms, and she asked everyone to be extra patient and kind with each other. And it feels like that, doesn’t it? … [Read more…]

Billy Beez

I’ve been writing a staff newsletter for, and recently I was laughing about how my publisher, Deb has spent the morning “exploring a corn maze and fondling a goat on tv. Because that is her job.” Because, you guys, that’s a pretty fun job. The other day, it was very important to my job … [Read more…]

This Requires Tutus

Knowing M these last few years, I never would have expected the request she made the other day: “Mom, I really need to just go ahead and stock up on some tutus.” The phrase was delivered with the grim resignation of a grizzled old Vermonter muttering over a weather forecast about getting rock salt. Unexpected … [Read more…]