Holiday Preparations

I wrote most of this before Christmas, and then I got busy and never finished it. So I’m way behind, but I’m giving it a shot now. I am ready for Christmas. Basically. Mostly. There are presents under the tree. There are shortbreads and containers of homemade Chex Mix and hostess gifts and stocking stuffers … [Read more…]

Learning Italian

We had a video call with J on Saturday, and it was a special treat because she took the call while she was working on a cooking project in the kitchen, which meant that one host sister and both host parents made brief appearances. Even better, a couple of times J turned away from us … [Read more…]

A Lot of Eating.

Now that it’s gotten too cold out to garden, what have I been doing? Well, in honor of Thanksgiving, there’s been plenty of eating. Actually, Cute W and I got an early start when we went out to eat with friends at The Nest in downtown Schenectady. We’d had take-out before, but this was our … [Read more…]