Merry Christmas!

We had an extremely relaxing Christmas. We didn’t travel anywhere and no relatives came to visit. What we DID have was all daughters home with us. As much as it’s great to see people, the process of coordinating travel plans and figuring out where to send gifts adds an extra layer of stress, and that’s … [Read more…]

Christmas 2023

We switched gears very quickly this year: in order to have at least one daughter available for our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm, we got our tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was bit of a rough time this year. We arrived at Bob’s Trees and immediately saw a gorgeous tree directly … [Read more…]

More in November – Thanksgiving

My trip with G to NYC was the second weekend of November. For the third weekend, we were all recovering (G and I from NYC, Cute W from helping M with surgery) and preparing for Thanksgiving weekend. I find something so very satisfying about filling up the refrigerators in preparation for Thanksgiving. I took a … [Read more…]

Tourist Trip to NYC

This title is deliberate, because of course I’ve talked about various trips to New York City before, but they’ve been family trips led by a couple of parents who lived in the city for eight years and have their own preferences and “must dos” (like eating lots of crazy food, or seeing the Thanksgiving Day … [Read more…]