More Embroidery!

I am still doing embroidery, and after liking my floral t-shirt, I decided to do another one. This time, I took a t-shirt that I’d actually planned to discard (I have been doing For Days Take Back bags for clothing that isn’t nice enough to donate) because it has a bunch of holes. I actually … [Read more…]


One of our things about our trip to Italy was our frequent cocktail breaks. These particular cocktails were especially delicious, and they were served on a fantastic balcony overlooking the main square, or Campo, in Siena — if you make it to Siena, check out Key Largo and go upstairs to enjoy this fantastic view! … [Read more…]


Lest you believe that my life is glamorous and full of spectacular shopping trips in Europe, allow me to acquaint you with the current state of our home. It smells like cat pee. Okay, let me preface this by saying that we love our kitties very much. Dave (left) and Ruth (right) are a sweet … [Read more…]

Italy Souvenirs

Okay, I still owe you my Italy cocktail recipes, but I’m feeling a little lazy, so instead, here are my souvenirs! My sister had told me to look out for the L’Erbolario chain of stores with lovely natural perfumes. She and my niece had loved their perfumes from a trip a few years ago, so … [Read more…]

Springtime Fun

After finally recovering from my two-week’s-long illness, I reveled in my good health for about 2 days before coming down with something else! Can you believe it? I am mostly feeling better, but it is putting a serious cramp in my exercise regimen because any time I do anything that’s even a mildly brisk walk, … [Read more…]

Eating Our Way Through Italy

Once we were no longer in people’s lovely homes, I took plenty of food pictures with wild abandon. Eating well is a major part of all of our travels. A couple of my favorite meals of my whole life have been in Italy. I had forgotten how mild everything is, especially since these days we … [Read more…]

Italians Feed Us

Two weeks in Italy means a lot of eating. In fact, we really got off to a running start with the eating fest as soon as we arrived, because we spent those first two days with the host families. And I did not whip out my camera when dining in mixed company, so you’ll just … [Read more…]

No Mow May, Year Two

After getting a citation last year for our first attempt at a May Without Mowing, this year, I’m taking a more pro-active approach: I made my very own No Mow May sign! Oh, but first: in the foreground, please appreciate our baby tree, which was only a tiny stick when we acquired it for Arbor … [Read more…]

Trips and Trials

I was still getting over my jet lag when I became so sick. Ugh, I’ve been sick! I am still not entirely well, but I think there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The most marked characteristic of this particular illness–not Covid, but apparently going around locally–is a hacking cough. The kind of cough … [Read more…]

The Last Few Days

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately. . . . Figuring out if we accidentally stole my daughter’s shirt. . . . Eating salads. . . . Catching up with laundry and finding spare change. . . . And watering my thirsty plants. That’s right! We just came home from a two-week trip to visit … [Read more…]