Less Plastic

I’ve talked about various reusables before, but in the continuing quest to use less plastic, I have a couple more suggestions. First, this Tru Earth laundry detergent. Yes, I still use those balls, but I like a nice smell, too. These are little strips that look like teensy fabric softeners, but they actually dissolve into … [Read more…]

It’s Actually Pretty Good, Y’All

Lately, when I hear about some interesting event while researching for KidsOutAndAbout or scrolling through social media, I think, “Hey, that seems like something an empty nester would do.” Because that is what I am. So, what does an empty nester do? We saw Willie Nelson, the Avett Brothers, and others for the Outlaw Tour … [Read more…]

The Nest Is Empty

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. J was working feverishly to complete as much as she could of her college applications, studying Italian, and, of course, packing. All that packing stressed everybody out. The kitties, concerned that they’d be left behind, kept careful watch over the entire process. And then it was time to … [Read more…]

The Big News

I’ve been holding out on you. First, because we weren’t sure if it would actually happen, and then, because we’ve been so busy making it happen. And now, it’s about time I shared it, so I can believe that it’s actually happening. J is going to spend her senior year of high school in Italy. … [Read more…]

A New Front Patio

We have long pined for a front porch. We just love a walkable, friendly neighborhood, and the best way to take advantage of it is a wonderful front porch, and we don’t have it and frankly, obtaining one is not in the budget. Instead, this was the front of our house: Some previous owner really, … [Read more…]

More Catching Up: Prom and After-Prom

Back when I had that long-overdue update, I mentioned a whole slew of events that had happened, with vague suggestions that I might get around to adding details later. So here are some more details on prom weekend, because it was a little nutty. First, I ended up being on the PTO After-Prom Party planning … [Read more…]

Fancy Dress

In the spring, J attended two different proms. At our school, they do a “walk in” where those who are inclined can sit in the auditorium and watch all of the prom attendees who wish to do so walk on stage, get their names announced, pose for photos, and then walk up the aisle and … [Read more…]

Going Native. Or Trying To.

There’s quite a bit of environmental anxiety at our house. To the point where my daughters have basically told me that it was irresponsible of me to have them at all because they are doomed as we careen toward a climate apocalypse. Frankly, I don’t find that helpful. We’ve tried to tell them that we … [Read more…]


Remember how I ranted that I was pining for a Mediterranean-style Build-Your-Own restaurant close to me, and then The Universe said Make It So? Well, we have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Simone’s Kitchen but I was not on-the-ball enough to realize that it opened. Officially, yesterday. So I did not know what the … [Read more…]

Long-Overdue Update

Someone brought up Capital District Fun to me recently, and as I lamented how much I’d neglected it, it occurred to me that someone might think I died of Covid, since my last post was about being positive. I’m sorry! Good news: Cute W and I have recovered completely. Also, both of the girls managed … [Read more…]